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TRE® Certification Information : Requirements and Costs

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Global Certification Training Program:

“When you enroll in the TRE Global Certification Training Program (GCTP), you will be required to take both module 1 and module 2 in order to be a certified provider. Global Certification Training (offering module 1 & 2) certified you to teach TRE to both groups and individuals”

Important information about Level 1 & 2 Certification:

  • If you are ALREADY Level 1 Certified:
    • Your certification continues to be valid and acknowledged by TRE, LLC.
    • We HIGHLY encourage you to plan on also completing the Level 2 Certification as soon as possible. (Level 1 Certification is a prerequisite for Level 2)
  • Level 2 Certifications will not be offered beyond the spring of 2015.
  • If you hold both Level 1 and Level 2 certification, you will be fully certified within TRE. You will have obtained all the basic competencies offered for teaching individuals and groups. You will hold the title: TRE Certified Provider.
  • Being fully certified means you will be given the opportunity to enroll in future Advance Practice workshops, have access to new trauma related articles, TRE information and participate in ongoing TRE skill development opportunities.