Below are research papers and proposals related to TRE®. If you are interested in doing research on TRE, you are welcome to make use of our research tools.

A Proposal for a Mindfulness-Based Trauma-Prevention Program for Social Work Professionals

Authors: David Berceli, PhD, and Maria Napoli, PhD
Publication: Complementary Health Practice Review ,Vol. 11 No. 3,October 2007 1-13

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Dr. Berceli’s Revised PhD Dissertation on Neurogenic Tremors (Arizona State University)

Author: David Berceli, PhD


German Original Title: Neurogenes Zittern: Eine körperorientierte Behandlungsmethode für Traumata in großen Bevölkerungsgruppen

English Translation: Neurogenic tremors: A body-oriented treatment for trauma in large populations

German original- Download

English Translation- Download

Mind-Body Skills for Regulating the Autonomic Nervous System

Publication: Defense Centers of Excellence, June 2011, Version 2 (Full Length)

Defense Centers of Excellence, June 2011, Version 2 (Full Length) listed TRE as mind-body technique potentially effective for anxiety and stress release.


An Evaluation of the Effects of a Training Programme in Trauma Release Exercises on Quality of Life

Author: Taryn McCann, University of Cape Town, 2011


Abstract: Interventions for Stress and Burnout of Secondary School Educators in High-Risk Schools – Preliminary Findings

Author: Sharon Johnson, PhD Psychology student, Stellenbosch University, South Africa