Chiang Mai, THAILAND- Inner Wisdom, Abundant Joy! Self-care retreat with TRE® and more!

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Date(s) - February 22, 2020 - February 25, 2020
All Day


Om Waters


Event Notes

Join us Feb. 22-25, 2020 near Chiang Mai for a nurturing 3 night, 4 day retreat at Om Waters— a sacred and stunning space offered to dive deep into your inner wisdom. This is an opportunity to practice self-carebe in a conscious community, and immerse yourself in the warm embrace of Mother Earth. This northern Thailand retreat has been designed to put you at nature’s pace— slowing down, quieting the mind, and finding simple joy. Throughout the retreat, we will weave together various modalities to address all levels of your Being and feel the magic of interconnectedness. 


Our gentle and moderate yoga classes will benefit beginners, intermediates, and advanced yogis. Participating in our class is not about whether you are “good” at yoga or not. It’s not goal-driven or doing poses by auto-pilot. Instead, yoga is an opportunity to spend time in your body, be attuned to the information and sensations that arrive, and staying curious.  This “body awareness” approach keeps learning infinite while building a strong and healthy relationship with yourself. Noticing our physical, mental, and emotional state during yoga poses allows us to fully listen to our body and support ourselves. A mindful yoga practice means we take time to slow down and be in the present moment. 

Meditation is an opportunity to observe your mind, the habits it tends to go into, and bringing yourself back to the present moment. We begin to see that we are not our minds, and we can let go of our thoughts, judgements, and reactions. In meditation, we practice a healthy relationship with ourselves as we receive information about our physical, mental, emotional, and energy state. Meditation is not “mastered” but rather a continuous journey with ourselves. Benefits of meditation include: stress relief, increased focus, clarity, insight, creativity, and release.  

Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of blocked parts of the body, mind, and soul. For this sound bath, Ali will use 18 Tibetan singing bowls each representing the vibrational frequency of different chakras, 3 for mind detoxification and 1 for aura cleansing. The bowls are placed around the group and moved around through the room to intensify the healing process and give you maximum effect. This is a lying down meditation session. 

TRE®/ Tension-Trauma Release Exercises:
Learn this revolutionary tool for tension release and how stress and trauma affect the nervous system and body. TRE consists of a simple yet powerful set of exercises that help re-initiate the body’s own mechanism of healing through body tremors. The tremors help lower the stress and tension held in the body, without the need for story, or re-living the original events, leaving us more relaxed, clear, grounded and at peace. A tool you can take home with you and use for life!

Connect deeper to your inner wisdom by accessing your right brain and intuitive self. Using music, sound instruments, and other sensory input, you are guided into an expanded state of consciousness where insight and healing can occur. Innerdance energy work uses binaural beats and sound wave frequencies, giving an experience similar to a shamanic journey or elements of yoga nidra. Release is common in the form of physical movements, mental images, emotions, and energy. With release comes openness, clarity, and clearing. 

Laughter Yoga combines intentional sustained laughter, yogi breathing exercises, and deep relaxation. This yin/yang approach brings in childlike playfulness, creativity, and practicing to let go of the ego or judgement. The benefits of laughter yoga are numerous for our physical, mental, and emotional health. It is also a reminder to cultivate our strength to remain positive regardless of circumstances in life. 

The more we tune into our sensations, the more information we receive about an experience. We’ll be practicing simple Family Constellation exercises to explore ways of feeling, seeing, and being. The clearer we are in our communication, the better we can get to the root of our needs. 

Your all-inclusive 4 day retreat includes:
  • Three nights accommodation in shared space, “rustic chic” style 
  • Food! Fresh vegetarian meals prepared lovingly by our amazing cooks from Cat House Retaurant in Chiang Mai! Includes dinner on the first night, 3 meals on the second and third day, and breakfast on the fourth day. Meals generally have 3 courses (soup/salad, entree, and dessert).
  • Roundtrip transport from old city Chiang Mai by songthaew (pick-up truck with seats); then transport by boat to Om Waters 
  • ​All sessions of the retreat with experienced and multi-disciplinary facilitators
  • Personal time for swimming, kayaking, napping, and just inter-being
  • Entry fee to Sri Lanna National Park 


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