Drop-in TRE® class – Online & small group setting – led by Certified TRE® Provider Carolanne Hall

Drop-in TRE® class - Online & small group setting - led by Certified TRE® Provider Carolanne Hall


Date(s) - June 28, 2022
4:00 pm - 5:30 pm



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Online via Zoom –Tuesday 28 June 4pm BST

Beginners Welcome

Pre-registration Required

Can you remember a time when your body has shaken from shock, nerves, or excitement? Perhaps before you have performed on stage or talked in front of a large audience?

That natural process (called Neurogenic Tremors) is because your body, like all mammals on the planet, has an innate tremor mechanism designed to naturally let go of tension created by heightened energy from a stressful event through tremoring or shaking and even crying and yawning.

Animals do this freely every day, especially animals in the wild, constantly under the threat of danger. Yet, for humans, we have trained ourselves out of this primitive technique by stigmatising it… “Shaking is wrong. Crying shows weakness.” When we see someone shaking from shock, we tried to stop it from happening. When we shake from fear, we try to hide it from others.

Through the innovative technique of TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises), we learn in a safe and controlled environment that tiring certain muscles activates the innate tremor mechanism, releasing stress and tension from the muscles, helping us to feel calm and relaxed, and down-regulating the nervous system.

Most people are deeply relaxed after one session and after 4 sessions feel confident to continue practising alone at home.

If you are curious to try TRE® but hesitant to sign up for many sessions, this online group class for beginners gives you a brief introduction to TRE® and how Neurogenic Tremors can aid greatly in day-to-day life. I will guide you through Dr. David Berceli’s exercises and hold space for you during a short tremor experience, leaving an opportunity for Q&A and feedback that will close the session.

£30 per person.

Limited spaces available.

To book, please go to: http://free-your-soul.co.uk/booking/

I look forward to seeing you there!