El Cerrito CA Introduction to TRE®

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El Cerrito CA  Introduction to TRE®


Date(s) - March 29, 2020
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm


Ojas Yoga Center


Event Notes

Introduction to TRE – Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercise
with Brooke Deputy

Sunday, March 29 | 1:30-4:00 PM 
You’ve heard about it, now Come and Experience the seven simple exercises that lead to a gentle shaking in the body and helps to  release tension in the muscles and relax the anxiety of the mind. 
Learn to resolve stress, anxiety and tension with  TRE™ Tension/Trauma Release Exercise.In this workshop,  you’ll learn a powerful self-help technique that can be done at home. TRE offers transformational  exercises that promote relaxation by gently triggering a natural shaking response in the body.   This gentle vibration or Neurogenic Tremors reaches into the core of your body and reverberates along your spine, releasing tension throughout your body. You’ll discharge blocked energy that is felt as tension and leave with an improved sense of well-being and peacefulness. After learning about trauma and why these exercises were developed, we will practice  the exercises and allow our bodies to relax with TRE. There will be time for integration and questions.

Advance registration encouraged!
$55 by March 22, $65 after
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Brooke Deputy is a Certified TRE® Provider & Trainer. She is also certified in  Bioenergetics, promoting integration of the body, heart, mind and spirit.  She has studied with some of the world’s senior teachers including Bioenergetic founder, Alexander Lowen and TRE creator, David Berceli.  She lived and worked at Esalen Institute where she trained in massage, expressive movement and emotional release practices. Brooke integrates these practices  into her TRE™ workshops and trainings. For more information: www.traumaprevention.com  and  www.TREBayarea.com