Free Online Shake with Alex Greene — Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:30am CDT

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Free Online Shake with Alex Greene -- Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:30am CDT


Date(s) - May 6, 2020 - June 29, 2020
10:30 am - 11:15 am




Event Notes

Free Online Shake

Join us for a daily free 45-minute shaking session each Monday/Wednesday/Friday at 10:30am CDT.

Previous TRE experience required  — this class is intended for people who have already learned how to do TRE safely and with self-regulation either through an introductory workshop, group or session with an approved Provider, or by learning and practicing at least several times with an online video such as TFA’s brief official how to do TRE video or Alex’s longer (unofficial) how-to TRE video.

This class follows an abbreviated format.  Each day we use ONE of the six preparatory TRE exercises and then continue into the final exercise that initiates the neurogenic tremor process.

Alex will hold space for 15 minutes of tremoring and provide varying tips and suggestions of ideas to try to expand and deeper your personal tremoring practice.

We close each day with an opportunity to share experiences and ask questions about TRE practice.

Please join us!

Please fill out a short registration form and email to be added to the email list sending out the daily Zoom invite.



Alex came to TRE in 2014 with a background as a Structural Integration bodyworker.  Having seen and experienced spontaneous tremoring arising from bodywork sessions, Alex was excited to finally find a method with solid understanding of what this tremoring process is, and how to best work with it.  Alex continues to integrate TRE along with hands-on bodywork and Somatic Experiencing trauma work to help his clients resolve the symptoms of chronic stress and trauma and their impact on the body and nervous system.  Working live and online, Alex has helped many people from around the world find comfort, ease, and groundedness in themselves.

Since 2019 Alex has been pleased to join the TRE Trainer community and has found fresh enthusiasm for sharing the magic of this modality with students from various countries, professional backgrounds, and intended use of TRE.  Alex is known for his knowledgeable and relaxed teaching style, working to weave the various aspects of his background into a grounded, experiential training.

In 2020 Alex joined the TRE Board of Directors in an effort to help foster the growth of TRE around the world.  He also began a collaboration with Dr. Berceli to teach bodyworkers specific ways of working with tremoring on the treatment table – a program called Neurogenic Tremor Release Technique.

Alex also brings his background as Zen meditation teacher to his work with TRE, believing that somatic methods like TRE are wonderful gateways into deepening meditation experience.