Alameda, CALIFORNIA: Release Your Psoas, Release Your Stress– TRE®/tension-trauma release workshop


Date(s) - January 28, 2023
11:30 am - 1:30 pm


Yoga Amansala


Event Notes

TRE® (tension-trauma releasing exercises) is a highly effective, therapeutic, and fascinating somatic modality. It uses a simple technique for your body to remove blocks deep within your cellular level. It works primarily with the psoas muscle to unwind trapped energy and calm the nervous system.

This 2 hour in-person workshop will be a balance of lecture, process and sharing. No fitness level is required. 

‣  Understanding the psoas muscle and how it relates to freeze, flight, fight, dissociation
‣  How to be present and practice TRE safely on your own
‣  Different types of tremoring experiences— physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
‣  Grounding, clearing, and integration after TRE
TRE exercises and 20 minutes of tremoring

TRE® is not recommended if you are pregnant, have had a recent injury or surgery, have epilepsy, or untreated high blood pressure.

Cost: $45 early bird. $55 week of event

Tammy Hayano has been teaching TRE® for 8 years. This modality has had a profound impact on her own healing journey— releasing back pain, letting go of anger, igniting a Kundalini awakening, and deepening a healthy relationship with the self. TRE® has shown her the depth of the body’s intelligence— how it holds onto wounds and the ability to recover. As a TRE® provider, Tammy has had the joy of teaching workshops, classes, and private sessions with a wide range of populations.
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