Introduction to Polyvagal Theory & Neurception

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Date(s) - December 3, 2020
9:30 am - 1:00 pm



Event Notes

Feeling safe is critical in order for our clients to live well and optimise their full potential. We need to feel safe to live a full and rounded life.

The smooth running of the neurophysiological processes associated with safety are vital for mental health, physical health and social connection.
These processes also help us access both the sophisticated brain functions that enable creativity and joy and the primitive brain involved in regulating health, growth, and restoration.
The Polyvagal Theory explains how social behaviour turns off our defences and promotes opportunities to feel safe. TRE helps us find a new and embodied way to explore uncomfortable sensations and feelings without getting stuck in story or overwhelm.

Both provide an exciting and innovative model to understand bodily responses to trauma and stress. They brings to the forefront the importance of the client’s physiological state in mediating the effectiveness of any treatment – talk therapy, energy or body work. Thus, interventions that target the capacity to feel safe and use social behaviour to regulate physiological state can be effective in treating lingering, core issues that are dependent on defence systems.

In this introductory half day workshop we will explore the theory of:
The basic understanding of the principles and features Polyvagal Theory

How the Polyvagal Theory can demystify symptoms related to diagnoses e.g.,PTSD, autism, depression, and anxiety disorders
Understand that behaviours e.g. dissociation, may be part of an, often vital, adaptive physiological state triggered by ancient survival mechanisms

Neuroception – how we evaluate risk in the environment. What triggers adaptive neural circuits that promote either defensive behaviours or social interaction.

Learn about a face-heart connection that defines a social engagement system linking bodily feelings with facial expression, vocal intonation, and gesture

9.30 – 1pm £60
Cancellation policy, full refund available 7 days or more in advance.