Global Certification Training – Online/in Person – Module 1,2, 3 Series – English – 2/3 or 9/10 December 2023 – Fiona Soma & Teodora Buzoianu


Module 2 – Teaching Individuals Online 2/3 December 2023 – ONLINE Zoom – 10am – 6pm CET


Bucharest, Romania 9/10 December 2023 in person at Elephant Yogi Studio, Bucharest – 10am – 6pm RO


At Module 2 you will 

  • lead and show individuals through the TRE® Stretches as designed by Dr David Berceli
  • practice co-creating a safe container to hold space for the individual whilst they access their tremor mechanism
  • direct the individual towards safe containment and presence during the tremor session
  • guide the individual to collaborate in the use of self-regulation tools eg self-interventions

During Module 2 you will learn

  • how to safely teach the TRE® Stretches as designed by Dr David Berceli
  • the safety skills required to successfully lead and hold space for an individual through a session
  • further exploration of Ventral Vagal vs Dorsal Vagal states
  • about fascia and its relationship to the tremor mechanism
  • how to follow the body over a period of weeks/months
  • how to manage Fight/Flight/Freeze/Dissociation/Appeasement during a session
  • to explore your presence and role being a TRE® Provider/Trainee
  • basic touch interventions to support self-regulation of the tremor mechanism
  • about your visceral voice and tapping into your intuition


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