ONLINE – Yoga to Nurture the Nervous system and Build Resilience- TRE/Neurogenic Yoga friendly

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Date(s) - July 23, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm




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Yoga  to Nurture the  Nervous System and Build Resilience- Neurogenic Yoga and  TRE® friendly.

Dates:  ongoing  ONLINE Thursdays, staring April  23, 2020 from  2:00-3:00 PM EST.

Yoga to Nurture the Nervous System and Build Resilience- TRE/Neurogenic Yoga Friendly

This class incorporates specific soothing and strengthening sequences and strategies to build resilience. As we become intimate with our own nervous system  responses, we can begin to  literally “move” through new and old stressors and trauma.  Together will use movement, sound, shaking, stillness, rhythm, breath, posture and guided visualization to help us nurture the nervous system and move into growth.   During the latter part of the class,  participants will have the choice to follow a winding down sequence, engage in free form flow, shake, or for those who have a TRE/Neurogenic yoga practice, elicit our natural healing vibration mechanism (neurogenic tremors). This class is for everyone, from long time yogis to those who are new to the healing benefits of yoga. The group experience actually helps us feel safer biologically, so the healing process can deepen. It’s not the events that cause damage to our well being, it’s how we respond to them!

If you want to engage neurogenic tremors, please take an introductory  TRE class, many of which are offered online at this time.

TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises)  and Neurogenic Yoga assist the body in releasing deep contracted patterns of stress, tension and trauma.  By allowing ourselves to shake or vibrate (by inducing therapeutic muscle or neurogenic tremors) in a safe and controlled environment, tension patterns can release. This results in soothing or down-regulating the nervous system. The participant practices at his/her own pace and time throughout the session. The process is simple to do, can be modified for any body and can be learned quickly. Reported benefits of TRE and Neurogenic Yoga include reduced anxiety, stress, symptoms of PTSD as well as reduced negative auto-immune responses. People also report experiencing enhanced energy, endurance and flexibility as well as improved sleeping patterns.

What to expect at the class:

  1. Yoga sequence
  2. You choose to engage in wind down sequence, spontaneous movement or Shake it off!
  3. Final relaxation/integration

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Check out our video where I offer 10 tools to nurture the nervous system and build resilience on the mat and in your life.

 Alyson Adashko Raskin, PhD, is a certified neurogenic yoga teacher, advanced clinical hypnotherapist, certified TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Provider), and bilingual (Spanish/English) school psychologist who helps individuals build body/mind strategies to manage stress, process trauma and feel more connected and alive.  She has worked therapeutically for over 25 years with individuals and groups who have experienced stress and/or trauma.

Her integrative approach also draws upon training and studies in clinical and positive psychology,  psychoanalytic psychotherapy,  breathwork, trauma-informed yoga, yoga for injury prevention  and nonviolent communication. She is also certified in Kundalini yoga, prenatal yoga, Cardiac yoga, Ancient Ayurvedic yoga, children’s yoga and yoga for the special child.

Investment – $20 for individual class, New student special $40 for the month where you can take advantage of multiple and varied yoga classes daily! If cost is an issue email me. No-one will be turned away.

 I am also available for private sessions!

Any questions? Email me at or email me at (201) 921-4132.