Psoas, Pelvis and Diaphragm: A two-day workshop for TRE providers

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Psoas, Pelvis and Diaphragm: A two-day workshop for TRE providers


Date(s) - April 25, 2020 - April 26, 2020
10:00 am - 6:00 pm




Event Notes

The goal of this workshop is to deepen our understanding about the role of Psoas, Pelvis and the Diaphragm in human body and in TRE.

We will explore anatomical interconnectedness of the Diaphragm and Cervical spine with surrounding organs and tissues. We will learn about the connection between our pelvic area, body sensations, deep-seated emotions and heightened or dissociated sense often present in the body. This area of the body often holds the excess charge and limits our natural movements.

Through practical exercises, we will learn how to use gentle but powerful interventions to help deepen our own and client process.

Instructor: Cheda Mikic
Well founded on many years of study and experience, based on anatomical and practical knowledge, Cheda clarifies the process of self-regulation and how to observe and work with the signals our body gives us.

He is a Craniosacral Therapist, a Naturopath and a TRE Certified Trainer. He has been lecturing in the complementary therapy world for over 25 years, in the UK, USA and Europe. Cheda uses awareness, embodiment, emotional intelligence and body work to support, resource clients and to allow for transformation and integration to evolve.

The cost of the workshop is 220 eur (early bird till 1.2.2020), later 250 eur.
Places are limited!

Cheda will also offer 8 individual TRE sessions on Monday 27th, and Tuesday 28th April.
Update: only 2 places left

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