Online Yoga & TRE® class w/ Tammy Hayano: 3rd Fridays @ 9:30 am PST / California

Online Yoga & TRE® class w/ Tammy Hayano: 3rd Fridays @ 9:30 am PST / California


Date(s) - January 20, 2023 - February 17, 2023
9:30 am - 10:30 am



Event Notes

Yoga & TRE® offers movement to gently stretch and open up the body prior to experiencing neurogenic tremors and myofascial release. When the body settles into a state of rest and safety, it naturally begins to unwind and ease tension. This helps to reduce our reactive states of freeze, flight, fight, dissociation, and overwhelm.

The format for this class will be:

-guided body scan (5 minutes)

-Hatha yoga (about 20 minutes)

-TRE®/ tension-trauma release (20 minutes)

-savasana/ rest (5 minutes)

-Q&A/ sharing

TRE® is not recommended if you are pregnant, have had a recent injury or surgery, have epilepsy, or untreated high blood pressure.


How does TRE® work?
Each major muscle group of the lower body are gently stretched to induce a natural muscular shaking process called tremoring.
What will I experience in a TRE® session? ​
Typically people experience tremors in their legs, hips, and abdomen during their first session. After practicing TRE consistently, people experience tremors up the spine, in the cranium, arms and at any point of restriction in the body. Experiences may also be an emotional, mental, or energetic discharge.
What are the benefits of TRE®?
​Some of the many reported benefits of this practice include:-improved sleep​ -decreased stress and anxiety -increased flexibility -healing of old injuries​ -increased resilience -increased relaxation -improved awareness of the body and mind -reduced muscle & back pain -relief from chronic medical conditions -decreased PTSD symptoms


  • Avoid caffeine or eating a heavy meal at least an hour before the session.
  • Have your space set-up: yoga mat and any props to assist your tremoring session, ie. pillows, cushions, blankets.
  • Check that your space will be free from distractions (phone, noise, people walking in.) Pets are welcome! 😀
  • Be familiar with your device. Video will be on. Sound will be on during the tremoring for you to share what your sensations are. This will allow me to offer suggestions on your process.
  • Have time to rest and integrate afterwards.


This class will meet:
3rd Fridays of the month on Zoom @ 9:30 am—10:30 am, San Francisco, California time. Great for those who are in the US, Canada, Latin America, and Europe. Convert your time zone here:
If you would like to sign-up, please go to my website:
Limited to 8 people maximum per class.
Private sessions: $85 online; $111 in-person in Alameda, CA for 75 min.
About the facilitator:
Tammy Hayano founded Hanuman Yoga Retreat & Holistic Living in 2013. She offers a variety of approaches for wellness, healing, and connection. For her, life is an inward and outward journey to expand the relationship with the self, each other, and Mother Earth. Tammy guides modalities that bridge the body, mind, heart, and spirit. She is trained in: Hatha Yoga, QiGong, Innerdance Energy Work, TRE® (tension-trauma release), Laughter Yoga, Family Constellations, and Craniosacral Therapy. Tammy is also a trance medium and channel. Tammy’s experiences consistently receive excellent reviews on TripAdvisor, Airbnb Experiences, and WeTravel. Tammy is based in Alameda, California and loves coffee, cats, naps, and traveling. Visit her website: