Stress and TRE – Provider’s Only Specialty Training

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Date(s) - December 5, 2019 - December 8, 2019
5:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Stillwaters Retreat


Event Notes

TRE ‘Providers Only’ Training
Stress and TRE
December 5-8, 2019
Greensboro, North Carolina
4 spaces available
3 1/2 day training $595  Early Bird Nov 15th,  $650 After 
Thursday 5p-8p
Training check in
Personal weekend objectives
Personal TRE Session
Friday 9a-5p
What is the Stress Cycle in the Nervous System?
How do we Observe Stress in the Body as a TRE Provider?
Saturday 9a-5p
What does Stress effect in the Human Organism?
How do we, as a TRE Provider, work with Stress Related Issues
Sunday 9a-4p
TRE and the Diversified Body

In this training:

  • You will begin to learn the chemical, biological and physiological effects of stress on the organism
  • You will learn the stress cycle from body systems and symptoms to diagnosis
  • You will learn what is being seen in the human organism during the TRE process and how, you as a TRE Provider can apply interventions – containment strategies when working with various issues.
  • You will learn necessary modifications when working with Diversified Bodies.
*all yoga mats and props are provided
*snacks and beverages provided throughout the day
Donna Phillips, is TRE Certification Trainer, an Exercise Physiologist, Certified Yoga Therapist,
ERYT-500, Pilates Teacher with over 30 years of experience working with diversified bodies and holds advanced certifications in spinal issues/back pain and osteoporosis.   She owns Stillwaters Wellbeing Retreat and two other business’. She loves to brainstorm ideas and shares from her experience how TRE can integrate into your world.
She was introduced to TRE in 2008 and became a TRE Certification Trainer in 2012.  Donna has had the opportunity to introduce TRE to populations with chronic pain, autoimmune, back/spine issues, amputees, athletes, first responders, children/teens, military warriors & their families, medical & mental healthcare professionals and many more.
  • Specializes in TRE modifications, various intervention styles and how to ‘read’ the physical & energetic body.
  • Lecturing on the Physiology of Stress – How stress, tension & trauma affect the “whole person”. Biologically, Chemically, Neurologically.
  • How does stress effect each system of the human organism?
  • Exploring the various areas of our bodies bones & musculature and how it holds life’s emotion & story.
  • Discussions on What is Resiliency?  How does the human organism ‘let go’?
  • Integration of TRE into your professional practice or creating a business
  • TRE Videos with Dr. David Berceli:
    • TRE Interventions: Touch, Non- Touch and Giving Direction
    • Modifications Part 1Using the Chair,
    • Modifications Part 2 Exercises Standing,
    • Modifications Part 3 Making the Exercised more Challenging
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Learn tools to teach and be an exceptional TRE provider!
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