\”The Art of TRE® 2.0\”- Advanced Workshop online with dr David Berceli

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\"The Art of TRE® 2.0\"- Advanced Workshop online with dr David Berceli


Date(s) - June 12, 2020 - June 14, 2020
6:00 pm - 10:00 pm




Event Notes

“Improving in the Art of TRE”

David Berceli has been conducting individual TRE® sessions through Skype for years. He has a lot of experience in this and when it turned out that the “live” workshop would not take place, the third solution appeared almost automatically – online workshop. We can say that there is no bad from which good does not come. Because we don’t know how long the epidemic restrictions will last, we organize something that will not only help many people in their work, but also brings many other measurable benefits: workshop at home, without spending money on a plane, hotel, food and other expenses . What’s more, the workshop is cheaper than the “live” one. How can it be even better?

Maybe you can say: that this is not the same. And we don’t argue with that. But maybe there will be more than you can imagine?

Now is time to learn how to work from home.

Who can teach you TRE® better than David?

We don’t know for how long epidemic restrictions will stay.
With work online, you can save your time and reach people who are even far away from you.

Let’s open ourselves for new options!


Topics for this training will include:

  • developing the qualities that are often described in the sensation of groundedness: (Stillness, Silence & Solitude, Humility, Presence, Intuition & Intention)
  • you will be able to see how David works with individual online
  • new hands-off and self interventions to facilitate more regulated tremors when you work online
  • the increased importance of self-regulation, co-regulation, transference, and our own PTG.
  • you will practice with your peers to give and to receive the session online
  • Post Traumatic Growth & Transformation

All informations and registration link you will find here: http://tre-polska.pl/david-in-warsaw-2020/#XYZ