Post-Traumatic Growth integrating TRE® – A talk by Christine Gibson


Date(s) - June 18, 2023
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



Event Notes

Post-Traumatic Growth integrating TRE®
A talk by Christine Gibson,
MD MMedEd DProf(c)

Sunday, June 18th | 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm (Oslo/Paris).

This is a free talk and open to anyone.

In this interactive talk, Dr. Gibson will be discussing how TRE fits into the 3 phases of Judith Herman’s trauma and recovery model. Specially focused on the final stage – post-traumatic growth, she will provide a clear metaphor to conceptualize this, the evidence supporting it and describe the process using illustrations from her new book The Modern Trauma Toolkit… and possibly a TikTok or two!

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TRE® and explicit memories
A demonstration of how to combine a cognitive method for explicit memories

In this two-hour session, we will connect and share experiences related to the topic of the talk and TRE® in general, and you can ask questions related to the topic of the talk.

In this session, Hans will present a method for working with the explicit part of stressful and traumatic memories. And how to combine this with TRE. There will first be a short presentation of the method, then a demonstration with a participant, and in the end, a group tremor where participants are invited to try the method.


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About Christine Gibson

Dr. Christine Gibson is a family physician, trauma therapist, and author of The Modern Trauma Toolkit. She’s also on social media as TikTokTraumaDoc with >130k followers on TikTok. She has a masters in medical education and is halfway through a doctorate, and has been involved in academics and education – creating Calgary’s fellowship in health equity. She runs an international non-profit Global Familymed Foundation, a cooperative, and a new company to train professionals how to manage workplace trauma – Safer Spaces Training. She has been doing TRE for almost five years and is trained at the advanced level.