TRE® Global Certification 1 Year Programme – Bucharest, Romania – English


October 4, 2024    
11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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We invite you to this ONE year intensive certification Training in Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, or TRE®.  The first part of the training is 6 Days [in real time] of intensive working together, practising and attending lectures and demonstrations [over 2 weekends]. The second part of your certification includes case studies where you choose “practice clients’ to observe and follow over a period of time.


The TRE® Certification Process consists of:

  • Two X full three-day modules [6 days] in person
  • Four half day-Modules [ 4 x Saturday mornings during the year] online
  • A personal Supervision Process online
  • A committed embodied personal practice that is journaled throughout the training period
  • Peer Practice – meeting with TRE® trainees to lead and be led
  • Reading, listening to and watching materials linked to your training + feedback Reports
  • 3 x Final Certification Case Studies


– The certification time is 1 year starting at Module 1

– Module 2 begins 3-4 months after Module 1

Module 1 – The first step is an invitation to be moved towards yourself; to learn and understand more your body’s frequency and vibration. In accessing your tremor mechanism, you can find

  • a safer sense of containment and embodiment
  • more groundedness in Life
  • better co-regulated relationships with others
  • healthy self-regulation
  • a more nourished nervous system
  • an openness, pleasure, and healthy excitement/fun – ventral vagalx
  • a larger window of tolerance
  • a safe healthy container from which to do ‘Life’

  • be Introduced to and gain an understanding of the TRE® Stretches as designed by Dr David Berceli
  • experience ‘The Tremor Mechanism’ in your own body.
  • learn more about titration and slowing down.
  • understand further the Mammalian Parasympathetic/Sympathetic Nervous Systems
  • be introduced to “The Polyvagal Theory” (Stephen Porges)
  • gain insight into the Psoas and Fight/Flight/Freeze muscles
  • get more curious with your body and engage self-administered interventions.
  • be Introduced to leading and showing a friend/family member/colleague through the TRE® Stretches as designed by Dr David Berceli



Module 2 grows our facilitation skills to lead others through the TRE® Stretches and a tremor session

  • lead and show individuals and small groups through the TRE® Stretches as designed by Dr David Berceli
  • practice co-creating a safe container to hold space for the individual/s whilst they access their tremor mechanism
  • direct the individual/group towards safe containment and presence during the tremor session
  • guide the individual/group to collaborate in the use of self-regulation tools eg self-interventions

  • the safety skills required to successfully lead and hold space for an individual/s through a session
  • to further explore the Ventral Vagal vs Dorsal Vagal states
  • about fascia and its relationship to the tremor mechanism
  • how to follow the body over a period of weeks/months
  • how to manage Fight/Flight/Freeze/Dissociation/Appeasement during a session
  • to explore your presence and role being a TRE®Trainee-Provider
  • basic touch interventions to support self-regulation of the tremor mechanism
  • about your visceral voice and tapping into your intuition
  • how to manage niche groups and group dynamics
  • how to lead the unique individual whilst maintaining the bonding or glue of the collective group experience
  • ethical aspects in Teaching TRE® to Individuals and small groups
  • the positives and negatives of transference/countertransference
  • how to teach adjustments and adaptations of the TRE® stretches for disabled/elderly or physically challenged
  • how to practice safely growing the Window of Tolerance
  • about your scope of practice and your role as a future TRE® Provider

Module 1   4th – 6th October 2024 – Bucharest, Romania

Module 2 Dates to be confirmed January – February 2025


  • 2 Modules [2 x 3-FULL day modules in person ] – €450.00 per Module = €900.00
  • 10 private Supervisions [10 x 60-minute sessions @ €75 per session] €750.00                           [ Please note***You may be required to do more personal supervision over the period of the training]
  • 4 x 4.5 hour half day Modules @ €80.00 per session = €320.00  

Total INVESTMENT €1970.00 for Full 1 Year Certification

***Mandatory Post Certification Supervision for one year [one 2 hour group session 6 x per year or a 30 minute private session 6 x per year ] in order to maintain Provider status – @€50.00 per session = €300.00

**Please note this does not include  1. registration fee with TRE® for All [€15] 2. website fees for your listing online with TRE® International + TRE® Romania 3. Fees to join the TRE® Association of Romania



We ask from prospective candidates that you write us a letter of intent – introducing yourself – your interest in TRE® –  Why do you want to do this one year programme and advise what is motivating you to attend. Why do you believe you are an ideal candidate to be a TRE® Provider, and how you see yourself using it in the future [ community, private practice, humanitarian, business, research etc]Please send an email to  Once we receive your application, you will be invited to a short zoom interview





**TRE® denotes TRE’s registered trademark. Dr. David Berceli holds the Copyright, Trademark and Service Mark (SM) for all TRE training materials and the TRE process. All rights to use are reserved and TRE FOR ALL, Inc (TFA) (NGO) holds distribution rights. Also protected are Trauma ReleaseProcess SM, Tension Release Process SM.