TRE® Global Certification Training Module 1 – Kent, UK


Date(s) - January 28, 2023 - January 29, 2023
All Day


Kent UK


Event Notes

The focus of this first module to learn TRE Trauma Releasing Exercises (as developed by Dr David Berceli) is to develop a strong personal TRE ‘shaking meditation’ practice.

                • There will be teaching about the latest science of trauma and how it affects the body.
                • We will cover how TRE and embodiment can help us process old knee jerk neurophysiological patterns (fight, flight and freeze) which create tension and trauma stories in the tissues and nervous system.
                • There will be plenty of time to explore, ask questions, and drop into your own TRE tremors.
                • The first step with learning TRE is to meet your body in this new way.
                • This module is open to anyone interested in learning more about TRE.
      • Core teaching elements are:

        • Containment
        • Grounding
        • Co-regulation
        • Self-regulation
        • Developmental trauma
        • Attachment theory in relation to TRE

        This also includes learning how to apply the theory behind TRE including:

        • Trauma and the body
        • Fascia
        • Anatomy & Physiology
        • Polyvagal theory
        • Neurology of the stress response – fight, flight, freeze
        • Dissociation in relation to TRE

To become a TRE Provider there are two further modules to complete.  Any questions will be fully explained during the workshop.

Classes are small, friendly and welcoming. All ages, body shapes, and sizes are welcome.

TRE is designed to be accessible for everyone.