TRE Modele 2 Istanbul, Turkey

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Event Notes

It is a great pleasure to announce that we will arrange TRE Module 2 in Istanbul for the third time.

Module 2 is organized according to the protocol for those who want to be certified,
and allrady finished Module 1.
Prospective participants who have already completed Module 2 and want to refresh their knowledge before Module 2 are welcome. They are entitled to a 50% discount.
The person responsible for the organization of this module is Tatjana Rottenberg, a TRE provider.
All information  regarding the training can be obtained by contacting  her at
The course is held in English and translated into Turkish. The course price is adjusted to current conditions in Turkey.
Our teachers:
Sarah Z Mitic, MD, Ph.D. (medical doctor and SE, BSP,  trauma-therapist, TRE trener)
Price: 250 Euro
TRE Module 2 Certification Training