TRE® Online Global Certification Training Module 1 – ARABIA


October 11, 2024 - October 12, 2024    
2:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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TRE Online Global Certification Course taught by Alex Greene (USA) and Mohammed Salah (Saudi Arabia) – English language



Module 1 – October 11-12

(USD $1000 Total Including Supervisions)

After Module 1 Requirements include:

  • Private TRE sessions with your trainers
  • Group Shake
  • Explore TRE with peer sessions
  • Homework: TRE journaling, reading

Module 2: Learning to Teach TRE to Individuals

($1500 Class  includes all Supervisions)

In this class you will

  • Learn how to lead the others safely through the TRE Exercise sequence
  • Learn modifications and interventions to use when needed for those who shouldn’t do the standard template
  • Develop an understanding of the polyvagal theory
  • Work with reading the body and cueing a client
  • Additional topics for teaching and strengthening your TRE skill

After Module 2 Requirements include:

  • Practice Teaching with Peers
  • TRE Supervisions of Teaching 1 individual/ Unsupervised Teaching Recorded
  • Personal Supervision Session
  • Homework: TRE Journaling


Module 3: Learning to Teach a Group

($1500 Class/Supervisions)

In this class you will

  • Expand on all knowledge from past modules into group facilitation
  • Practice more with modifications and interventions for the TRE process
  • Be introduced to running a TRE practice and business considerations


After Module 3 Requirements include:

  • TRE Supervisions of Teaching Group/ Unsupervised Teaching RecordedPeer Sessions
  • Personal Supervision Session
  • Homework: TRE Journaling, Reading, Completed Case Study