TRE® Online Global Certification Training – Module 1 (UK)


November 27, 2021 - November 28, 2021    
All Day


Event Type

TRE Module 1 is for those wishing to train in TRE as a TRE Provider or to gain a deeper understanding of TRE for personal use

About this Event

TRE Module 1 is for those wishing to train in as a TRE Provider or deepen your practice of Tension and Trauma Release with the exercises and core principles founded by Dr David Berceli for personal practice.

The two day online training is about you meeting you. Safely engaging with the body’s innate ‘tremor mechanism’ to release tension patterns and dynamically enhance connection and fluidity in the body. TRE helps to reduce stress and anxiety by rebooting the nervous system and improving our sense of wellbeing and connection to the body and others.

  • As well as learning to ‘shake’, you will also learn:
  • An understanding of TRE and ‘The Tremor Mechanism’
  • The concept of grounding in TRE
  • Self-regulation and the importance of going slow
  • The neurophysiology of stress and trauma and how shaking reboots the nervous system
  • Avoiding Freezing, Flooding and Dissociation


9.30am – 5.30pm

There will be plenty of breaks for rest and lunch.

Note: Two additional modules and a supervision process are required to teach TRE to others as a TRE Provider, the time frame for which is 12-24 months. Please click here for full details.

If you are looking to become a TRE Provider, book all three modules together to receive a £40 discount here.