TRE® Online Global Certification Training – Module 1 (Boulder, Colorado-USA)

TRE® Online Global Certification Training - Module 1 (Boulder, Colorado-USA)


Date(s) - July 23, 2021 - July 25, 2021
10:00 am - 4:30 pm


zoom meeting


Event Notes

A TRE Module One training will occur online starting at 10 AM (MST) on 7-23 and lasting t0 4:30 PM (MST). The start and stop times for 7-24 are the same. The start time for 7-25 is 10 AM (MST) and the stop time will be 3 PM (MST).

Module One is open to those who wish to deepen their personal understanding and practice of TRE as well as for those who wish to continue on to complete certification requirements.

The training will provide didactic and experiential learning regarding the anatomy, neurology, pschology and physiology of the neurogenic tremor. There will be basic information provided about the polyvagal theory and how it applies to TRE. Attendees will also internalize, via direct experiences, concepts having to do with expanding and contracting on a somatic level. The primary purpose of Module One is to help attendees get a more full grasp of how they can work with the neurogenic tremor for self-help purposes.

Paul Darby, LPC, EMDR L-2, TRE Certification Trainer and Provider, will facilitate the training. Paul served on the initial board of directors of TFA (TRE For All Inc.) and has been providing face-to-face certification training experiencs for a number of years. After the pandemic became a reality, Paul taught a number of Module One and Two training modules via zoom. Besides helping people certify as providers, Paul works with active duty soldiers, veterans, police, EMT and fire-fighting personnel. He has also worked extensively with victims of physical and sexual abuse. His work in the TRE world has taken him to other countries. He is currently engaged in a mission to certify more people who are bilingual (Spanish-English), those who serve the LGBTQI, communities and foster parents who take in children who have been terribly traumatized.

The cost of the training is $350, which includes a 1.5 hour online session with the trainer. This interaction will be for the trainer and student to explore via direct practice, how the neurogenic tremor is experienced for the learner, whether that person is brand new to TRE or has worked with the trembling process previously.

Anyone wishing to register or who has additional questions can contact Paul at: