Wellness TRE group series

Hello everyone

We meet every Wednesday online on zoom at UTC+2 (SAST) 16:00pm – 17:15pm for our weekly TRE group session. Experienced TRE providers Frances Ward http://www.franceswardtherapy.co.za  and Julie Petrie  https://juliepetrie.com run the groups, sharing them fortnightly.

We generally start with a resourcing body scan meditation and greeting as we all come together. Some of the many activating stretches are taught, followed by the tremor and rest. A final check out together is our way to connect with each other after the release work. Much fun, laughter and vulnerability is shared in this widely international eclectic group.

Best to come weekly, but less is fine as are drop ins. This particular group started 3 years ago and is still running well, and growing.

A brief assessment is done before joining.  You will need to have done TRE at least once.

Every now and then we offer a “6 week Introduction to TRE” for newcomers.

To enquire/book:lhttp://shalinigidoomal.weebly.com/trereg–compassionate-inquiry.html