The Silent Pulse by George Leonard

The Silent Pulse by George Leonard


A Search for the Perfect Rhythm that Exists in Each of Us

Back in print with exciting new content from one of the leading spiritual theorists in the world, The Silent Pulse uses quantum physics to explore how the human body and mind are made up of rhythmic waves and how measurable vibrations touch us emotionally and creatively. George Leonard takes readers on a search of self-discovery and a journey into the limitless possibilities of human potential.

Drawn from scientific theory and research, particularly from modern quantum physics, The Silent Pulse is a major contribution to understanding fundamental human paradoxes and possibilities uncovered through the personal experiences of ordinary and extraordinary people. With a compelling synthesis of theoretical physics, brain research, evolutionary theory, social psychology, and studies in consciousness, along with leading-edge findings about rhythms, light, perception, and alternative realities, The Silent Pulse captures a poetic beauty within a true adventure story.

Chapters include:

The Way of Rhythm and Harmony

The Rhythms of Relationship

Flesh, Spirit, and Emptiness

Personal Identity and the Inner Pulse

The Playground of Reality

Perfect Rhythm

Intentionality and Power