TRE® Mentor to Trainer Pilot Program

Taking TRE® to the Next Generation in North America

TRE® Mentor to Trainer Pilot Program – TRE® MTT

The North American region has a population of over 500 million people. Presently, there are only 13 Certification Trainers in North America and several of these trainers are only teaching TRE part time. Over the last five years many of the TRE Certification Trainers have retired and presently, several others, in the near future will be following that path. Due to the need of Certification Trainers in North America, Dr. David Berceli and Donna Phillips created the MTT Pilot Program.

Are you from North America & want to become a TRE Certified Provider?

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Purpose of the MTT Pilot Program

This pilot program was designed to take 20-25 Certified TRE Providers through the Global Trainer Training process over a 2 year period. This training process was to see if a sense of community and cooperation among Trainers can increase the effectiveness of Trainers working collaboratively will build a stronger TRE presence and awareness in North America.

The MTT training will not only focus on TRE skill development and technical efficiency, but it will also have a strong focus on self-improvement. The reason for this focus on self-development is because all of the required qualities and competencies of a Trainer are built upon the foundational characteristics of the individual.

The TFA Board of Directors understood this need in North America and their responsibility to support and promote, both collaboration and cooperation in the development and implementation of this pilot program. It is with great hopes the outcomes of this pilot will give a greater structure for a TRE Global Trainer Training Program.

Structure of the MTT Pilot Program

The MTT Program is a training within a training; the MTT Training and GCTP for Provider Trainees. Dr David Berceli and Donna Phillips are working together to teach, supervise and direct this MTT program. 22 MTT’s have been chosen out of the 51 TRE Certified Providers that were recommended into this pilot by our North American Certification Trainers.

David and Donna interviewed and selected each MTT, not only on their skill & knowledge, but their passion and desire to ‘Take TRE to the Next Generation’ as a team. This very unique and diverse group of individuals are excited and dedicated to this learning and personal growth journey. The MTT’s, David and Donna meet, individually, in small groups and in our full group monthly, flowing through the many layers of TRE training process and structure.

As part of the learning plan for this MTT pilot program; the MTT’s are working with Provider Trainee’s under the supervision of both David Berceli and Donna Phillips. This learning process is to follow the Global Certification Training Program (GCTP) for North America and throughout these next two years, completing the required competencies and to root their self-care development. It is in the second phase of the MTT Program that the MTT’s will be working closer with the CT community, collaborating and sharing their skills and passion. Phase three will be the final stage they are working toward their goal to be a TRE Certification Trainer.

Learning Process and Training Outline for the Provider Trainees

This training program is unique and unlike any other TRE Training Program. You are working with incredible TRE Providers that have been highly recommended by the North American Trainer community and then hand selected by Dr. Berceli and Donna Phillips to be part of this MTT Program.

Due to the Covid-19, the MTT program, like so many other programs, has been brought to the online format. It was originally intended to be part online and the Module trainings to be in person. As this is no longer an option, this is our process:

  • The MTT’s have been formed into small groups, where they are working as a team to learn all the moving components about teaching a TRE Module 1, M2 and M3.
  • The MTT’s will be lecturing on the primary topics, giving the foundation of TRE and working with you toward your Personal TRE Practice – Module 1, Teaching One Person TRE – Module 2 and Teaching Group TRE – Module 3.
  • David and Donna will be participating in all parts of the Module Training and Certification Program. They are both supporting the MTT’s, all Module participants and TRE provider trainees by assisting in lectures, questions and answers, the TRE process, all phases of supervision; and however else is necessary in all Module Trainings, GCTP and the MTT program in its entirety.
  • The TRE North American Certification Trainer Community will also be integrated into this pilot to grow the level of flexibility and creativity we are wanting to offer all the trainees as they venture with us in this special training opportunity.

David Berceli and Donna Phillips will be offering the continuation of support, supervision and guidance as each MTT and Provider Trainee continues throughout their prospective TRE journey. This pilot also offers the collaboration with the North American Certification Trainer community.

Provider Trainee Training Outline

Module Outline

Module 1 (2 days online) Theme: Your TRE Practice
-4 Personal Supervision: 3 with the MTT and 1 with David or Donna
-Reading by D. Berceli: Revolutionary Trauma Release Process
-Video & Homework by D. Berceli & D. Phillips: Modifications #1
-2 Peer Sessions

Module 2 (2 ½ days online) Theme: Teaching 1 Person TRE
-4 One/One Supervision: 3 with the MTT and 1 with David or Donna
-Video & Homework by D. Berceli & D. Phillips:
Interventions – Touch & Non-Touch
Modifications #2 and Modifications #3
-2 Peer Sessions
-2 Unsupervised one/one sessions - recorded & reviewed with your MTT

Module 3: 3 days June 25-27, 2021 (location forthcoming with an option online) Theme: Teaching Group – 2 or more people
-TRE 4 Group Supervision: 3 with the MTT and 1 with David or Donna
-Reading by D. Berceli: Shake it Off Naturally
-2 Peer Sessions
-2 Unsupervised Group Sessions recorded and reviewed with your MTT
-Final Competency and Final Reflections

Pricing for the TRE Provider Trainees

How much does the TRE Certification Training Program cost?

This TRE GCTP is part of a pilot study. For that reason, all costs have been reduced to the lowest rate in the North American Training fee schedule and maintained throughout the program. If you read the GCTP and NA Training outline, you will see the cost for both modules and supervision increased due to a larger amount of time needed for the required supervision sessions. We have reduced the cost of the modules and are keeping the cost of supervision constant throughout this program.

Please note: if you sign up for this program, start this program and in any way change your course from this program, your fee schedule will change.

The cost of this TRE Provider Certification Training: (minimum of 12 sessions required as part of the GCTP)
Module 1 participant ONLY $300
M1 with 4 personal supervision: $790
Module 2a with 4 one/one supervision sessions: $890
Module 2b with 4 group supervision sessions & final competency: $1290
If TRE Provider Certification is paid in full: $2970. *

All Modules & all Supervision are required for certification.

Travel, required reading materials, training videos or additional supervision sessions are not included in the above cost.

*Not included: GCTP fees to TFA, Inc: After Module 1 - $35 Enrollment Fee and $75 Provider Website Listing Fee after certification

Please note: Globally TRE Module Trainings 2-3 days range from $400-650 & TRE Supervision Range $150-250/session.

This GCTP has been priced significantly below average since it is part of the MTT Program. If you exit from this program you understand the price structure will change.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund minus $200 administration fee 30 days or more before Module start date. No refund 30 days or less of the Modules start date. If an illness or emergency: you can apply your account balance to another TRE workshop or training with Donna Phillips or approved MTT from this program within one year of this Module 1 training. After that date (Aug 1, 2021), no refund will be issued. If refunding from any package balance: refund will be established from non-package pricing, from any unused modules or supervision sessions. If supervision package is unused: package refund minus administrative charge will be issued. Any other refunds will have $100 administration fee. 24-hour cancellation for supervision sessions are required; you will be charged in full if cancelling within less than 24 hours.

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Dr. David Berceli is the Founder of TRE, received his PhD in social work and has worked globally as a Trauma Therapist.  David has been traveling the world sharing TRE for over 30 years.  His vision and passion is for TRE to be a Global stress, tension & trauma recovery modality in 5 years.

Donna Phillips is the co-director the TRE MTT Pilot Program with Dr. David Berceli. Donna has been teaching TRE since 2009 as a TRE Certified Provider and became a TRE Global Certification Trainer in 2012. She is an Exercise Physiologist, C-IAYT, TRE-CT, E-500RYT, C-PT and believes TRE is for everyone!


Meet The 2020 Mentor To Trainers (MTTs)

Sara Clark
Eric Peter
Sue Shipman
Peggi Wegener
Chris Charleton
Cyrinne Ben Mamou
Eunju Choi

Wendy Morley
Isabelle Teixeira
Mohamed Salah
Beth Lorenzo
Josh Dodd
Lizzie Hearne
Travis Rumsey

Mohamed Abuzaid
Natalie Savage
Betsy Ross
Hindra Gunawan
Kenneth Freeman
Christine Varnavas
Meta Lackland

Mohamed Abuzaid

Mohamed is Transformation facilitator , He is Astute corporate trainer, Life coach and Proven personal development leader with years of experience in providing exceptional proven client impact & sustainable result through different specialized techniques and practical personal change approaches , Mohamed is Birkman international professional consultant & Trainer , He is Master NLP Practitioner, Mohamed Senn Delaney Culture shaping facilitator , He is currently Pursuing a Mastery in Practitioner of Dr.joe dispenza neuro change solutions. Co-founder of TRE ARABIA and currently in TRE MTT program , you can find more by contacting Mohamed on or

Cyrinne Ben Mamou

Cyrinne is a TRE® certified provider (2017), a massage therapist and a fasciatherapist (2011). She dedicated thirteen years to scientific research. She has a multidisciplinary academic training in natural science, a masters degree in eco-ethology and a PhD in neuroscience. She studied emotional and traumatic memories and neuroplasticity. In her private practice, Cyrinne supports post-traumatic growth and embodiment, while honoring each individual’s journey and adaptability. Cyrinne values TRE® because it is universal, simple yet extremely powerful for tension and trauma resolution. For some people, TRE® facilitates a deeper journey of self-discovery and growth, which she is interested in studying and promoting.

Sara Clark

Sara Clark (MSW, RSW, REAT, TRE®-CP) has been working with children, youth and families since 1996 in Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan in Canada. Sara is a master’s level clinically trained Social Worker, a registered International Expressive Arts Therapist, as well as, a certified TRE® provider. She currently lives in Calgary, AB Canada working for Alberta Health Services as a Family Counsellor in an adolescent inpatient psychiatric unit. She also works part time for herself through Dandelion Family Counselling offering counselling, expressive arts therapy and TRE®. Sara is very excited to be apart of the pilot MTT program with Dr. Berceli and Donna Phillips expanding her skill set to be a TRE® Mentor and eventually a TRE® Trainer.


Eunju Choi

Eunju Choi is from South Korea and attended university there with a degree in law before immigrating to the United States. She studied photography at Columbia College in Chicago before becoming a professional photographer. She was introduced to TRE and found great benefit in this technique. Seeking to deepen her practice she became a Certified TRE Provider in 2015. In 2017 she introduced TRE to South Korea by translating and publishing Dr. Berceli’s book, Trauma Releasing Exercises. Since then she continues to teach workshops and coordinate training to spread TRE in South Korea as well as in the United States. When not in Korea, she lives near Atlanta, GA.

Isabelle Claus Teixeira

Isabelle is a TRE Certified provider since 2018 and a multiple accredited somatic, neuroscience and trauma-informed Leadership coach and accredited Mediator. She is fluent in French, English and Spanish and also speaks some German and some Japanese. Isabelle is passionate about supporting individuals and teams through coaching and team effectiveness interventions, empowering her clients with leadership skills, resilience, stress and burnout prevention practices. For her corporate clients, she offers Executive coaching, leadership team interventions, change and organizational culture initiatives as well as HR capability building. For her private clients, she offers services and approaches to prevent burn-out and increase resilience. She has over 25 years of Senior Corporate HR, Leadership & Talent Management and Organizational Development roles, has working experience across Asia Pacific, Japan, Russia and Western & Central Europe, and across several industries (Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices Retail, IT, Clinical Research, Trading, Shipping, Semi-conductors). Isabelle’s last corporate role as Head of TM & OD Asia Pacific Japan Russia for a global Medical Device company across 15 countries across Asia Pacific, Russia, Japan. She founded and is actively running her two Boutique Coaching and consulting businesses in Singapore and Kyoto since the end of 2016. Working and living in 9 countries across Europe, US and Asia has honed Isabelle’s agility between Western, Asian, Japanese and Russian cultures. She has lived in Singapore since 2010 and is spending 30% of her time in Kyoto, Japan. She is married to Rouviere, teacher of French as Foreign Language, for the last 19 years and is the happy flatmate of her 12-year old rescue ginger cat Tommy.


Josh Dodds

Josh Dodds is an embodiment and mindset coach. After struggling for years to make permanent changes in his habitual thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, he sought out numerous teachers and modalities in search of a solution. One of those teachers was Dr. David Berceli. After reading David’s first book, Josh began a daily TRE practice and noticed a significant reduction in the amount of tension in his body and felt more calm and confident on a daily basis. This inspired Josh to become a Certified TRE Provider. He has taught TRE on 3 continents to people hailing from 5 continents and offers TRE trainings and private sessions online.


Kenneth Freeman

Exploring and expressing life in a creative way has always been my guiding impulse. A background in Philosophy, Psychology, and the Arts buttressed by multicultural living abroad and extensive world travel, have deepened my understanding of how to appreciate and work with people. Steeped in Daito-Ryu Aiki Jujutsu since 2002, I am a 4th degree black belt and one of the few teachers living outside of Japan and continue to regularly visit Japan, Finland, and NYC for demonstrations and seminars. Before moving to Seattle in 2015 as the city’s first TRE Provider, I became TRE certified in Finland where I was living and teaching martial arts. It is great fortune that one of my Daito-Ryu teachers is also my TRE Trainer. Over the almost two decades, Helsinki has become a second home.
Moving an organism by directing fascia, creating space without causing conflict, is one of the many similarities with these two disciplines. Creating a safe environment for individuals to learn and organisms to thaw, so new movement and motion can flourish, is another. Down regulating the nervous system facilitates relaxation and resiliency which, ultimately, can inspire self reliance and compassion. Daito-Ryu and TRE both offer a path to an individual’s freedom from suffering. I explore them with great joy.

Hindra Gunawan

Penulis 3 Buku (National Best Seller): Rahasia Mendapatkan Nilai 100, Mindset Siswa Sukses, The Miracle of Body Intelligence. He is a businessman and founder of Sinotif, a tuition centre for almost 2500 students, TRE Indonesia with 15 TRE Providers and has teached TRE for almost 14,000 people and separate in 40 cities in Indonesia, Shaka Foundation with Dr. David Berceli, dengan misi mengajarkan TRE ke seluruh Guru di Indonesia dan berkontribusi untuk dunia. Dia juga: Certified TRE Provider, Certified NLP Practioner, Certified Hipnoterapi Graphologist, CBA (Certified Behavior Assessor), Certified Ontological Coaching NEWFIELD by International Coaching Federation (ICF) ota lainnya.

Lizzie Hearne

Lizzie has been a licensed massage therapist in North Carolina since 2003. Her bodywork focuses on the body-mind connection and stress reduction. After her own success with TRE healing the past trauma of growing up with a sibling with mental illness, she became a certified provider to share with her clients this amazing technique. By using TRE in conjunction with bodywork, her clients are eliminating deep held tension patterns and are empowered to play a role in their own well-being.

Meta Lackland

Meta Lackland is a skilled TRE Practitioner. Trained since 2012, she is a mentor trainer for the Bay area. Meta has a background in mindfulness coaching, yoga, and TRE. The integration of mindfulness movement and TRE creates a new dimension of health, and a mind body connection.

Wendy Morley

Wendy lives just north of Toronto in Canada. Wendy graduated from Western University with her B.A. honours in Kinesiology and Psychology. She went on to attain her Master’s in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University and is registered psychotherapist. Wendy has been a certified advanced Craniosacral / Somatoemotional release Therapist for over 20 years. Wendy is a certified TRE provider and currently in the MTT program pilot group. Wendy has also studied Reflexology and Qi gong and loves the outdoors. Wendy enjoys working with the mind/body integration and loves to share and teach her knowledge.

Eric Peter

Eric comes to the MTT program with 15 years of TRE experience. Having received his Level 2 Provider Certification in 2007, he has gone on to compliment his studies by studying massage therapy, reiki, craniosacral therapy, yoga, Mindfulness and Centering Prayer. Eric as worked in homeless shelters, prison systems, hospitals and PTSD units passing on practical skills in managing one’s nervous system. He is a professed Benedictine Oblate, Marine Corps veteran, beekeeper and lives with his wife and daughter in Parker, CO.

Margaret “Betsy” Ross

After many years as a paramedic and EMS Educator, I came to TRE looking for a method to manage my own accumulated stress levels and the associated mental and physical effects that I dealt with on a daily basis. Seeing such dramatic results with my own TRE practice led me to complete the provider training. I love working with people of all ages, helping them discover the benefits of TRE and seeing them become empowered to manage their own healing process.

Mohamed Salah

Mohamed is the first Arabic speaking Certified TRE Provider & Founder of TRE Arabia. He has worked in two international rehabilitation centres in Thailand delivering TRE sessions for clients and as a recovery coach since 2015. He is a key member of TRE Thailand, where he is still helping them with the expansion over there. He is passionate about TRE since he benefited from its Positive impact on his life and seen the benefits in the lives of many clients who he worked with in the past 5 years.


Travis Rumsey

Travis Rumsey believes that each and every one of us was born with a bright, loving, and complete core. His work is helping people unwind from the stories and illusions that keep them from living from this core essence. He teaches people pragmatic, science-based tools that give them ownership of their own growth. He is a Fellow and Director of Facilitator Development at the Neurosculpting® Institute in Denver, CO, where he teaches a meditation technique that boosts neuroplasticity, allowing us to change our reality. He’s also an Advanced TRE® Provider, teaching a technique of deep tension and trauma release. And lately, he’s been adding sonic healing to his practice, using sound to re-tune nervous systems and brainwave states. His dream is for everyone to be living from a place unfettered by fear and contraction, and shining as a beacon of authentic power and grace.

Christine Varnavas

Christine combines her 35-year teaching background in Education, fitness, yoga and wellness together in her work. Founder of Anandaworks Wellness Education Center. She believes we all have the right to “feel good in our skin.” She teaches TRE to individuals and groups with mental health and substance use challenges, special populations, those with childhood trauma and leads an 8-week TRE employee wellness program. Her passions include: two daughters, laughter, food and traveling. Formal education: BS Marketing Education, MS Training & Human Resource Development, ADAS Hospitality Management, Yoga (E-YRT), Spinning & Drums Alive Certified. Formerly at UW-Stout in outreach programming, teaching, grant writing, administration, and event planning. Creator of Chippewa Valley WellFEST, a statewide event and Wellness Retreats to Greece.

Peggi Wegener

Peggi is a native Floridian who grew up in Orlando. She attended the University of Florida and received a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and two concurrent graduate degrees – Master of Education and Specialist of Education (a year longer than the Master’s degree) – in Counselor Education with a focus on Community and Agency Counseling. Peggi is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Jacksonville, FL with over 30 years of experience. She became a Certified TRE Provider in 2017 and joined the TRE Mentor to Trainer program in 2020.