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  • This person never completed their Certification process and does not have the skills and competencies required to teach TRE to others.
  • This person has been de-certified as they were not teaching TRE safely and competently and to the high standards of TRE FOR ALL, Inc.
  • This person chose not to be listed on the website.

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Provider Name: Mzima Scadeng Certified TRE® Provider Email This Provider Berkeley California USA female Energy Worker English Yes My name is Mzima (pronounced "mmm-ZEE-muh").
I specialize in working with sensitive people who deeply feel the world around them.
I especially enjoy and have experience helping:
-Moms to heal from birth trauma and have more patience with their children -Healers and Helpers, such as holistic practitioners and therapists to release the stress, trauma, and emotion they pick up from their clients. -People healing from divorce/separation, grief/loss of a loved one, birth trauma, inter-generational trauma, and/or chronic pain.

I'm super welcoming of people of all genders, orientations, family make ups and ethnicities/races/colors/backgrounds.
It is my intention to provide a comfortable empathetic environment so that you can feel safe as you experience your body's intuitive wisdom.
Here are a few quotes from past clients:
"This is the first time in years that I felt fully in my body and NOT in pain. Thank you!!!"
"My session with Mzima was vulnerable and revitalizing. She provided clear and grounded guidance, while her gentle nurturing presence allowed me to feel safe as I relaxed into the shaking that my body was wanting to manifest....Even as anger and sadness arose I found her reassurance that all is well and in order to be timely and spacious enough for me to continue to allow for the release of what felt like decades of trauma. I feel very grateful to have been able to be guided in this practice by her."
"I went to Mzima for stress relief and some nagging shoulder pain. Curious about all that she had to offer, I chose a combination reiki and TRE session. The TRE was new to me and it was a transformational experience- I could feel myself releasing tension as my body unwound on the mat, and for me it resulted in a lot of giggles! The reiki session was deeply relaxing and felt like a healing balm after the TRE experience of being so open and letting go. Mzima has a calm, warm, friendly presence and a good sense of humor. Highly recommended!"
Please come by my website to learn more or email me today to book an appointment or discuss your needs.