TRE® Provider List

ONLY USE TRE Certified Providers or Certification Trainers listed on this list.  If your TRE provider or trainer is not listed here, one of the following may have occurred:

  • This person never completed their Certification process and does not have the skills and competencies required to teach TRE to others.
  • This person has been de-certified as they were not teaching TRE safely and competently and to the high standards of TRE FOR ALL, Inc.
  • This person chose not to be listed on the website.

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Provider Name: Sharon Porter Certified TRE® Provider Email This Provider 949-276-7443 San Juan Capistrano California USA female Energy Worker English 1 Orange County/Los Angeles in California. Individual, group and world-wide Skype sessions integrating TRE with Somatic Trauma Resolution, Somatic Experiencing, Polarity and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy bodywork, Yoga and Self Care. Pioneering clinician training body/mind practitioners since 1974. Highly effective with PTSD and Complex PTSD, aging, pre and peri-natal (birth), sexual trauma, impact injuries including brain, pre and post-op, spiritual, grief and women's issues, autoimmune/sensitivity. Expert on how bras cause cancer via lymphatic system. My awareness of energy systems allows multi-leveled integration. Teaching TRE since 2011, including to children, corporate and elders. TRE opens neural pathways, with SE and cranial tracking to increase resolution. TRE is my new Love! Working with me is a process oriented adventure. You may reclaim lost parts of self, including creativity, humor, connection and spontaneity as you develop a more complete sense of self. Download Full Bio 1