TRE® Provider List

ONLY USE TRE Certified Providers or Certification Trainers listed on this list.  If your TRE provider or trainer is not listed here, one of the following may have occurred:

  • This person never completed their Certification process and does not have the skills and competencies required to teach TRE to others.
  • This person has been de-certified as they were not teaching TRE safely and competently and to the high standards of TRE FOR ALL, Inc.
  • This person chose not to be listed on the website.

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Leah Provider Name: Leah Certified TRE® Provider 2022367747 Arlington Virginia USA female Educator, Life Coach, Trainer Arabic, English No ***ON HIATUS FROM TEACHING SUMMER 2019*** Leah Harris, M.A., is a mother, advocate, and storyteller with over 15 years of experience writing, speaking, and training on trauma, addiction, mental health, suicide, and pathways to healing and resilience. Leah is drawn to this work based on her own history and healing journey. Leah is especially passionate about the integration of trauma-informed values and approaches into all aspects of health care, human services, education, and community programs. Leah provides training and technical assistance with SAMHSA's National Center for Trauma-Informed Care (NCTIC), where she is a certified Trauma-Informed Peer Support trainer, and is a trauma-informed care specialist/consumer affairs coordinator with the National Association for State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD). Here is a testimonial from someone who has worked with me: TRE is a wonderful experience! If you have ever gone through trauma, especially physical trauma this is one of the best things I have ever tried. In life. There is only so much talking you can do, and as a clinical practitioner I’ve done a lot of talking about my own trauma and about trauma in other people’s lives. When we started our sessions, Leah did an amazing job at educating our group around the origins and discovery of the method which made complete sense but what was most awesome was that her explanation was very easy to understand. When I understood that I would be unleashing energy from my past, I was both excited and nervous at the same time. Leah walked us through a series of movements that were low impact and she also created space for modifications. These movements, which resemble low impact exercises, were not only easy to do but easy to created the space for a transformation. Without giving too much away, the vibration experience was breathtaking in the most amazing way possible. After about 30 minutes or so of movement, I walked away without sciatica pain, feeling loose and stretched and feeling emotionally restored. Thanks to the handouts provided I also was able to continue my practice after the group session, and have been in love with TRE ever since! I recommend TRE with Leah for personal and professional reasons. She is a patient, articulate and loving teacher and when you are dealing with this process, you can’t ask for more! Tamaris P., social worker, New York, NY 1