TRE® Provisionally Certified

 The following needs to be in place prior to initiating such a certification program:

  • Someone in the affected area must communicate the request for certification training to TRE for All, Inc.
  • TRE for All, Inc. will appoint a person within the TRE organization to be the coordinator for the development and launching of a Provisional Certification Training program.
  • This coordinator will represent TRE for All, Inc:
    • to work cooperatively with the local contact person and/or inviting agency to develop the necessary structure that will support the training
    • work with parties within TRE to make sure the details of the certification training plan are appropriate for this situation
    • work to make sure TRE for All, Inc. will be able to network with and provide the Certification Trainers and/or Certified TRE Providers to fulfill the need of this training program.
    • to explore funding to support this certification training

Example of a 5 day TRE Provisional Certification Training program:

  • 3 days face to face training
  • 2 days of supervised practice leading TRE groups

NOTE: Those with the Agency Instructor Certification or the Provisional Certification have the option to “upgrade” their certification to Certified TRE Provider by meeting all the requirements and competencies of that level of certification.