Agency Based TRE® Instructors

This certification program is for those working within an agency or a facility.

The following is needed from the agency/facility before TRE, LLC can offer this special certification:

• Several people within the organization will be committed to going through the certification process together.
• Assurance that TRE would be taught in a setting where other healthcare professionals would always be available to support the Agency Based TRE Instructor, if needed.
• Agreement that all persons certified will meet competency requirements set by TRE for All, Inc.
• Agreement from the agency/facility that each individual certified will only teach TRE within the agency.

Agency Based Instructors are NOT certified to:

  • teach TRE to the general public
  • teach TRE within a private practice
  • teach TRE within any other agency

Features of this certification training:

  •  This certification training requires:
    •  a minimum of 2 days of face to face training in the beginning.
      • note: the number of days is determined by:
      • prior training in trauma related issues
      •  prior experience and skills in working with trauma recovery


A greatly compressed supervision phase that will build required TRE competency to teach individuals and groups