Certification Information, Requirements and Costs

When you enroll in the TRE Global Certification Training Program (GCTP), you will be required to take both a Module I and Module II Training (see upcoming trainings here) in order to be a certified provider. Global Certification Training (offering module I & II) certified you to teach TRE to both groups and individuals.

TRE® Certification Titles and Program Summaries

Certified TRE Provider

This certification follows the Global Certification Training Program (implemented August 2014) and will allow those holding this certificate to offer TRE to the general public in individual and/or group settings. The focus of this certification will be to competently teach the TRE student or client the TRE process and support the processing of the experience. The Certified TRE Provider will not be certified or trained to teach in-depth theory of TRE. Their focus will be on the TRE process and its outcome for their TRE student or client.


Neurogenic Yoga Teacher

The Neurogenic Yoga™ Certification Program is geared specifically for experienced yoga instructors who seek to integrate therapeutic tremoring into the yoga class setting. Neurogenic Yoga™ combines asana (postures) and pranayama (breath) with the body’s natural shaking response. The Neurogenic Yoga™ Certification Program is appropriate for all disciplines of yoga from restorative and therapeutic methods to vigorous vinyasa and power yoga instructors.

TRE® Certification Trainer

TRE for All, Inc. selects and issues invitations to eligible Certified TRE Providers (previously know as Level II). The criteria for selection assesses many competency factors and includes the city and/or state of residence.

The Certification Trainers responsibility is to educate, train and certify Certified TRE Providers through:

• providing the 3 day face to face trainings that are required (Module I and II)
• providing the required certification supervision
• overseeing that all requirements for certification are met

TRE® Agency Based Instructor

This certification program is for those working within an agency or a facility.

The following is needed from the agency/facility before TRE for All, Inc. can offer this special certification:

• Several people within the organization will be committed to going through the certification process together.
• Assurance that TRE would be taught in a setting where other healthcare professionals would always be available to support the Agency Based TRE Instructor, if needed.
• Agreement that all persons certified will meet competency requirements set by TRE For All, Inc.
• Agreement from the agency/facility that each individual certified will only teach TRE within the agency.



Is TRE® Certification a good choice for me?

The Global Certification Training Program (GCTP) prepares trainees to teach TRE as a safe and effective tension releasing technique.    Due to it’s unique somatic focus and its revolutionary new approach to health and wellness, you must be fully certified through this program, in order to teach TRE to others.

Common questions:

What value does the TRE® Certification hold for a psychotherapist, or a mental health counselor?

Several psychotherapist and mental health counselors have called TRE the “missing piece”. TRE will give you an effective somatic technique for working with individuals recovering from chronic stress, anxiety or trauma (both past and recent).  

Value to you:

  1. TRE provides you with a highly valued tool - a somatic technique -  to support your client’s treatment process. Most of your clients will be able to utilize TRE on their own, supporting the work they are doing with you.
  2. TRE is a holistic approach to healing.  TRE involves the body, the mind and the emotions.   
  3. TRE can decrease the clients need to “tell the story”.   
  4. TRE has become a highly valued complimentary practice for traditional mental health therapeutic  “talk therapy” modalities because it supports healing at the deepest levels of the physiology, where traumatic responses originate.
  5. TRE can be taught as a non-touch bodywork practice for mental health professionals.
  6. Learn how TRE®-self regulation is a most valuable tool for emotional and physical healing.  
  7. TRE can change the physical body in subtle and profound ways; often easing or totally resolving emotional and/or physical symptoms of chronic stress and trauma.

What value does the TRE® Certification hold for a Massage Therapist?

  1. TRE Certification would deepen your knowledge of and ability to work with the tremor response.  Using it as an effective healing component for your clients.  
  2. TRE does not require you to use/engage your physical body when working with clients.  
  3. TRE supports emotional healing without your need to engage in “talk therapy”.
  4. TRE is a valuable tool to give your clients that will enable them to bring positive and permanent change to embedded tension holding patterns.
  5. TRE teaches how self regulation is a most valuable tool for emotional and physical healing.
  6. TRE  can enhance your practice by your being able to offer TRE group classes and workshops.

What value does the TRE® Certification hold for a Bio-Energetic Therapist and bodyworkers from other disciplines?

  1. Body workers of all disciplines value a deepening in understanding and skill building of  working with the tremor response.
  2. TRE teaches the concept of how to  “follow the body”.  TRE is a “body driven” technique.
  3. TRE teaches how self regulation is a most valuable tool for emotional and physical healing.   
  4. TRE is a self-help technique that will be appreciated by your clients as a valuable tool they can use on their own to additionally promote health and healing

I’m not a mental health or a medical health care professional. What value does the TRE® Certification hold for me?

 Over the years we have certified many people from all walks of life, who wanted to be able to competently and safely teach TRE to friends, family, co-workers and/or clients. Amongst those certified are; mothers, community organizers who work with the homeless and high risk teens programs as well as firefighters, disasters workers and volunteers.  

 The TRE Certification Training program is designed to prepare you to teach TRE competently and safely as a stress relieving technique.

I am a Life Coach, will TRE® Certification be useful for me?

 Many in the Life Coaching fields are finding TRE  to be a most useful tool to offer their clients.   Through the certification process you will learn how to competently and safely offer this self-help technique to others.   TRE is appreciated and valued by people across the spectrum of society from the homeless to the corporate executive.  

Why can’t I start teaching TRE® after reading the book or going to one of the trainings?

  1. Dr. Berceli holds the copyright and the trademarks on all things having to do with TRE.  To teach TRE without certification means you are committing a legal violation of trademark and copyright.
  2. To teach TRE without full certification means you are committing malpractice as you do not have the skills, knowledge and experience to lead another competency and safely through the TRE process.     

If you sell the books and DVD’s so people can learn on their own, why can’t I start teaching TRE® to others?

If a person buys the books and/or the DVD and begins to experiment with TRE on their own they will most likely stop if they begin to feel uncomfortable - emotionally and/or physically.  However, if another person is present,  the dynamics change:  now there is a “teacher” and a “student”.  

 The “student” (even if they are friend or family member) will allow the “teacher” to give them information and/or guidance.  Often the student will assume the teacher has more knowledge and can provide guidance.  If the one presenting as “teacher” doesn’t have all the competencies of a Certified TRE Provider then they are not qualified to be teaching others.   

Do I get any other benefits along with my certification?

 Once certified you will receive several benefits:

  1. You will be eligible to list yourself on the TRE website Provider Map.  Our website is visited by many thousands of people every month!  With TRE’s growing reputation this is a great resource.   
  2. You will also have access to articles and video’s that support your continued growth in working with stress and trauma recovery.  
  3. You will be qualified to continue on with TRE Advance Practice workshops that will greatly increase your TRE skills and knowledge.  
  4. You will be a part of an ever growing TRE provider network that support each other and share knowledge through Facebook and other social media networks.


TRE For All, Inc. & Dr. Berceli hold the copyright and trademark on the TRE® process.

Dr. Berceli oversees the development and the distribution of the Certification Training Program through a global network of skilled TRE Certification Trainers.   Only TRE Certification Trainers have the right and permission to provide Certification Training and supervision to those in the Certified TRE Providers training program.

(Please see the Certification Trainer listing on this website to ensure your training is endorsed by TRE For All, Inc. )