About Dr. Berceli

David Berceli, Ph.D. is an international expert in the areas of trauma intervention and conflict resolution. He is the creator of Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE).  This revolutionary technique is designed to help release the deep tension created in the body during a traumatic experience or through chronic stress.  He is also the energetic and creative founder and CEO of Trauma Recovery Services.  

Dave has spent two decades living and working in nine countries providing trauma relief workshops and designing recovery programs for international organizations around the world.  He has lived and worked extensively in Israel/Palestine, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Yemen, Egypt, and Lebanon. He is fluent in English and Arabic. 

David is unique in that he holds a solid academic and experiential grounding in psychotherapy and therapeutic body-work. He integrates that with a keen understanding of the intertwining dynamics of religion and ethnic customs.  This combination has allowed him to develop unique and specific processes that enable people from all parts of the world manage and move beyond personal trauma as well as bring healing and reconciliation between diverse groups.  

Curriculum Vitae

Education / Organizations


Doctor of Social Work (Ph.D) 2007

Arizona State University

Tempe, Arizona

Masters of Social Work (MSW): Direct Practice 1993

Fordham University

New York, New York

Master of Arts in Theology (MA) 1987

State University of New York – Maryknoll School of Theology

Ossining, New York

Masters of Arts in Arabic and Islamic Studies (MA) 1984

Pontificio Istituto di Studi Arabi ed Islamistica

(Pontifical Institute for Arabic & Islamic Studies)

Roma, Italia


Board Certified Psychoneurologist 2012

The American Board of Psychoneurology

Beurin University, Beverly Hills, CA.

Board Certified Neurotherapist & Certified Neurotherapy Instructor 2008

Natural Therapies Certification Board

Black Mountain, North Carolina

Certificate in Field Traumatology 2005

Traumatology Institute

Tallahassee, Florida

Certificate in Massage Therapy 1998

Reilly School of Massage Therapy

Virginia Beach, Virginia

Certificate in Bioenergetic Analysis 1994

International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis

New York, New York


Arizona State University

SWG591 – Trauma Practice Tools: TRE Winter, 2009

HHS 400 - Community Based Complimentary Health Spring, 2007

SWG 611 – Social Work Practice with Families. Fall, 2006

HHS 403 - Community Mental Health and Human Services. Fall, 2006

SWG 653 - Introduction to Holistic Therapies for the Helping Summer, 2006


SWG 580 - Community and Organizational Change Spring, 2006

Teacher Assistant.

SWG 611 - Family Counseling. Teacher Assistant. Fall, 2005


Arizona State University

HHS 499 Human Health Studies Individualized Instruction Fall, 2007

Alternative Approaches for Treating ADHD in Children

HSS 499 - Human Health Studies Individualized Instruction Spring, 2007

The Distinction between Allopathic and Naturopathic Medicine

HHS 494 - Human Health Studies Individualized Instruction Spring, 2007

CAM Therapies for Relief of Relationship Stressors

HSS 499 - Human Health Studies Individualized Instruction Fall, 2006

Effectiveness of Yoga, Tai Chi, Feng Shui and Buddhist Meditation

HHS 494 - Human Health Studies Special Topics Fall, 2006

Methods to Reduce Dental Anxiety among Patients


Evaluating the Effects of Stress Reduction Exercises 2006

Arizona State University

Social work professionals are at great risk of increased stress due to their work with traumatized communities and individuals. The purpose of this proposed research is to introduce a self-help
method for stress reduction as a practical application of learning.

Ecologically Based Assessments with Indigenous Populations 2005

Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center, Arizona State University

A study of the implications of ecologically based assessment for primary prevention with indigenous youth populations.

Research Assistant (RA) Sept. 2004-May 2005

Southwest Interdisciplinary Research Center. Graduate

Assistant. Sept. 2004-May 2005

Assisted in developing research designs as well as providing methodological and statistical analysis for quantitative and qualitative data analysis projects.


Fordham University

Psychiatric Social Worker. Internship. 1992-1993

St. Luke s Hospital, New York, New York

Facilitated intake interviews, provided assessments and diagnosis as well as individual and group therapy.

Public High School Social Worker. Internship. 1991-1992

Public High School (PS-132) Bronx, New York

Offered counseling for adolescent behavioral issues, crisis intervention, family and group counseling.


Advisor for the foundation of the Human Health Organization of the
Human Health Studies (HHS) Department. 2007

Arizona State University, Polytechnic Campus, Mesa Arizona.

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Books and Monographs

Berceli, D. (2011). Un uomo fatto dargilla: Aiutami a guarire me stesso. [A man made ​​of clay: Help me to heal myself]. La rivista italiana di analisi
bioenergetica. Via Magna Grecia 128, 00183 Roma, Italia. N. 1/2 – 2010.

Berceli, D. (2008). The revolutionary trauma release process: Transcend your toughest times. Namaste Publishers, Vancouver, Canada.

Translated: Japanese. (2012). TRE 開発者デイビッド・バーセリ博士著書 山川絋矢・山川亜紀子翻訳 「人生を変えるトラウマ解放エクササイズ」PHP研究所 2012年5月8日出版予定 只今、好評予約発売中! ‘The Life Changing Trauma Release Exercises’.
(Koya & Akiko Yamakawa: Trans.). Tokyo, Japan.

Translated: Spanish. (2011). Liberación del Trauma: Perdón y temblor es el camino. (Elena Olivos & Francisco Huneeus:
Trans.). Santiago, Chile. ISBN 978-956-242-119-5.

Berceli, D. (2005). Trauma releasing exercises: A revolutionary new method for stress/trauma recovery. Charleston, S.C: Create Space Publishers.

Translated: French. (2014). La method T.R.E. pour se remettre dun stress extreme. (Florence Ludi, Trans.) Thierry Souccar Éditions. ISBN:

Translated: Spanish. (2013). Ejercicios para la Liberación de la Tensión y el Trauma (TRE). (María Verónica Sangrá,
Trans.) CreateSpace, a DBA of On-Demand Publishing, LLC. ISBN 1-4922-5092-9.

Translated: Slovenian. (2013). Vaje Za Sproščanje Stresa In Travme Tre: Revolucionarna nova metoda za okrevanje po stresu in travmi. (Jelka
Slapar, Trans.)
Prevajanje Orbita, Melbourne, Australia. ISBN 978-0-9923030-0-6.

Translated: Danish (2012). TRE Trauma-en spanningsreducerende oefeningen. (Vertaalbureau Popkema, Trans.) Uitgeverij Elikser
Publishers. www.elikser.nl Netherlands. ISBN 978-90-8954-447-6.

Transaled: Finnish . (2011). TRE - stressinpurkuliikkeet: Stressin ja Traumojen Helpottamiseen. (Katriina
Mähönen, Trans.) Kuva ja Mieli Oy. Helsinki, Finland. ISBN 978-952-99485-4-3.

Translated: Polish . (2011). Zaufaj Ciału: Ćwiczenia które
ą traumę , stres i emocje. (Joanna Olchowik: Trans.). Koszalin, Poland. ISBN 978-83-930534-2-1.

Translated: German . (2007). Körperübungen für die Traumaheilung.
(Peter Brandenburg, Trans.). Herausgeber, Germany. ISSN 0946-8846

Translated: Portuguese . (2007). Exercícios para Libertação do Trauma: Um
ário novo mé todo Para a recuperação de stress e trauma. (Silveira Tai, Trans.). Recife, Brazil. ISBN 978-85-98263-16-8.

Berceli, D. (2003). من صدمات الحرب الطريق إلى الشفاء [Pathway to healing from war induced trauma]. Trauma Recovery Assessment and Prevention Services. 5350 E.
Deer Valley Dr. Phoenix, AZ. 85054.

Refereed Journal Articles

Berceli, D. (2010). Neurogenes Zittern: Eine körperorientierte Bahandlungsmethode für Traumata in groβen Bevölkerungsgruppen. Trauma & Gewalt: Forschung und Praxisfelder, (4),

Berceli, D. (2007). Evaluating the effects of stress reduction exercises. Arizona State University). ProQuest Dissertations and Theses

Berceli, D., & Napoli, M. (2006). A Proposal for a Mindfulness-Based

Trauma-Prevention Program for Social Work Professionals. Complementary Health Practice Review, 11(3), 153-165.

Okamoto, S., LeCroy, C., Tann, S., Rayle, A., Kulis, S., Dustman, P., & Berceli, D. (2006). The implications of ecologically based assessment for primary prevention with indigenous youth
populations. The Journal of Primary Prevention. 27, 155-170.

A dditional Published Articles

Berceli, D. (2010). Un uomo fatto dargilla. (A man made of clay).La rivista inaliana di analisi bioenergetica. I & II semester - Finito di
stampare nel dicembre pp. 77-111.

Koch, L. & Berceli, D. (2005). The Iliopsoas muscle: A bio-reverent approach. Massage, 114, 74-82.

Koch, L. & Berceli, D. (2005). The Psycho-emotional aspects of the Iliopsoas muscle. Massage, 115, 106-113.

Berceli, D. (2005). Trauma Releasing Exercises: The use of psychogenic tremors for the alleviation of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms. U.S. Association for Body
Psychotherapy. 4th
National Conference Proceedings. 237-243.

Berceli, D. (2002). Missionários Traumatizados. (Trauma among Missionaries). Vida Espiritana. 13, May 2002. Casa General CSSP. Roma, Italia.

Berceli, D. (2000). Missionaries in trauma. Irish Missionary Union Report, 11, 3-4.

Berceli, D. (1999). Embodying politics: Recovering from political violence. Bioenergetic Analysis, 10, 18-20.

Berceli, D. (1999). Trauma and the startle reflex: Its creation and resolution. Bioenergetic Analysis, 10, 22-24.

Translated Journal Articles

Berceli, D. (2003). Trauma – die unsichtbare epidemie symptome, Auswirkungen und heilungsansätze. (Symptoms of trauma). Translated in Forum Weltkirche, 4, 28-3.

Berceli, D. (2002). Missionarios traumatizados. (Traumatized Missionaries). Translated in Vida Espiritana: Missao Em Situacoes-Fronteiras, 13, 65-69.

Book Chapters

Berceli, D. (2011). …allowing the body to continue to heal itself. In Handbook for Bioenergetic Analysis (pp. 331-340). Berlin: Majuskel Medienproduktion.

Berceli, D. (2004). Trauma Releasing Exercises: TRE. In Vita Heinrich-Clauer (Ed.), Post-Conflict Healing: Trainer manual for peace building in Uganda (Module 4). Jamii Ya Kupatanisha
P.O. Box 198, Kampala, Uganda. pp. 22-26.

Conference Papers

Berceli, D. (2010, October). Neurogenic tremors in self-regulation of autonomic state and spinal tension. Conference Proceedings of the Norwegian Chiropractors
Association 75th Anniversary International Conference.

Berceli, D. (2006, December). Neurogenic Tremor Release Technique (NTRT) for the alleviation of PTSD symptoms. Conference proceedings of the 18thInternational Conference of the
National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral medicine (NICABM), Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Berceli, D. (2005, July). Trauma releasing exercises: The use of psychogenic tremors for the alleviation of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms.Conference Proceedings of the
4th national conference of the United States Association for Body Psychotherapy.
(USABP) Tucson, Arizona.


Warren-Brown, G. & Dorkin, P. (Nov. Dec, 2010). Let your body do the talking. Psychologies, (6), pp. 70-73. Cape Town, South Africa.

Pääkkö, Aapo. (March, 2010). Stressi, jännittäminen tai trauma henkiseksi kasvuksi – kokemuksia TRE-menetelmästä. [Stress, nervousness, or spiritual growth of the trauma - experiences TRE
method. Interview with David Berceli] Ratkes (3), 24-27.

Ketola, Tuula.(March, 2010). Kehoterapiaa traumojen poistoonpp. (David Berceli and

Trauma therapy for first responders) Pelastustieto, 46-48.

Munk, S. (2009). Ryst det af dig.(Interview with David Berceli on Trauma Releasing

Exercises) Psykologi (7), 78-81. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Video Publications

Berceli, D. (2010). Curso para o Tratamento do Trauma e do Estresse Pós-Traumático. [A course for the treatment of trauma and post traumatic
stress]. Libertas Publications, Recife, Brazil.

Berceli, D. (2008). The revolutionary trauma release exercises: Transcend your toughest times. Namaste Publishers, Vancouver, Canada.

Rabin, M. (2005). One hour television interview. David Bercelis Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). A Better World Media. Manhattan, New York.

Berceli, D. (2004). Trauma Releasing Exercises (DVD): A self-help trauma recovery methodology. Trauma Recovery Assessment and Prevention Services (TRAPS). 5350 E. Deer Valley
Dr. #1412, Phoenix, AZ. 85054.

Berceli, D. (2001). Pathway to Healing. (VHS). 90 minute video of a self-help trauma recovery process. Trauma Recovery Assessment and Prevention Services
(TRAPS). 5350 E. Deer Valley Dr. #1412, Phoenix, AZ. 85054.

National Organization for Continuing Education of Roman Catholic Clergy. (2004). Bioenergetics and working with sexual celibacy in the body. (2004). Video taped presentation at the
thirty first annual convention. 1337 W. Ohio St. Chicago, IL. 60622.

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Radio/TV Broadcasts

Canada TV, Vancouver, BC Sept. 2012

Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises as a tool for recovery from stress.


Self Worth Summit Aug. 2012


NETV Pernambuco, Brazil July, 2012

TRE training for 250 federal and civil police for Recife, Brazil.


CTV News, Canerbury, New Zealand Dec. 2011

Trauma Releasing Exercises as a tool for cultural trauma recovery from

Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake.

KGUN Radio - Robin Claire (Host) March, 2011

Trauma releasing Exercises as an alternative health process for large

populations of traumatized individuals.


Yoga Hub Jan. 2011

Neurogenic Yoga as a unique manner in which to access deep trauma and

tension patterns from an unconscious level.


Spirit Quest Radio Dec. 2010

Trauma releasing Exercises as an alternative health process for large

populations of traumatized individuals.


“Living Proof Nutrition” Radio Show: Nov. 2010

Trauma releasing Exercises as an alternative health process for large

populations of traumatized individuals.


Carte Blanche Medical Station: South Africa Oct. 2010

Trauma releasing Exercises as an alternative health process for large

populations of traumatized individuals.


Spirit Quest Radio: Tammra Green (Host) Aug. 2010

An interview about The Revolutionary Trauma Release Program


Voice America Radio Station: Sally Page (Host) Aug. 2010

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process: An answer to global stress

and mass trauma.


Business, Breakfast Radio 103.8 Dubai Eye May, 2010

Radio interview on stress in the general population and TRE as a response

to the relief of daily stress problems with family and work.


Beyond the Matrix: BBS Radio : Patricia Cori (Host) May, 2010

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process: An answer to global stress

and mass trauma.


Vivid Life Radio: New Paradigms in Conscious Living April, 2010

An interview about The Revolutionary Trauma Release Program


Spirit Quest Radio: Increasing Global Consciousness March, 2010

An interview about The Revolutionary Trauma Release Program


Grassroots TV: The Changing Paradigm March, 2010

An interview by Dr. Patricia Hall on The Revolutionary Trauma Release

Process. Veil, Colorado


Finland TV Interview February, 2010

Video of TRE workshop with general population and interview of

Dr. David Berceli.

Brazilian Program for Health November, 2009

David Berceli comenta o método desemvolvido por ele para recuperação

de estresse e trauma. (David Berceli’s method for recovery from stress

and trauma.)


Wellness Roadshow: Searching for the whole being. June, 2009

An interview about The Revolutionary Trauma Release Program


Rewiring the Soul – Blog Talk Radio April, 2009

David Berceli, Ph.D. and Riccardo Cassiani Ingoni, Ph.D., join us from

Scottsdale, Arizona, and Rome, Italy respectively in order to speak about

TRE: a revolutionary program for Trauma Releasing Exercises.

Rhia Said It – Blog Talk Radio April, 2009

An interview about The Revolutionary Trauma Release Program” Florida.


Global Enlightenment: Contact Talk Radio March, 2009

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Program : Seattle on 106.9 HD


Conscious Living: Webcast March, 2009

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Program : Pittsburgh, PA.


Full Power Living: Radio Broadcast March, 2009

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Program : El Sobrante, CA


Vibrant Living: Radio Broadcast – WGUN 1010AM Nov. 2008

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Program : Springfield, MA

Strategies for Living: Radio Broadcast - Talk Radio 1370 AM Nov. 2008

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Program: Shreveport, LA.

Pat McMahon Show: AZTV-Channel 27 Nov. 2008

One hour television interview. Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE).

Channel 57, Phoenix, Arizona

Good Morning Arizona: AZTV-Channel 3TV Sept. 2008

Television interview for recent publication: The revolutionary trauma release

process: Transcend your toughest times.


Pat McMahon Show: AZTV-Channel 27 Oct. 2007

One hour television interview. Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE).

Channel 57, Phoenix, Arizona

Independent Expression Radio July, 2007

One hour radio interview. Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE).

Shirley MacClaine’s interview about the origin, purpose and potential

therapeutic value of neurogenic tremors. http://www.shirleymaclaine.com/ieradio/archive/2007

Conscious Media Network October, 2006

One hour video interview about Trauma releasing exercises (TRE).

Canadian Network interview about neurogenic tremors and PTSD.


A Better World Productions July, 2006

One hour television interview. Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE).

Channel 57, Manhattan, New York.


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International Residential Experience


Trauma Recovery Therapist 1999-2002

Developed and implemented a national trauma recovery program in conjunction with Sudanese non-government organizations and German relief agencies. Trained and supervised local Sudanese leaders
in trauma recovery awareness, education and somatic psychotherapy techniques.


Conflict Resolution Consultant 1995-1997

Provided stress management & trauma relief programs to embassy and consulate staff. Designed trauma intervention programs for local Israeli and Palestinian organizations. Supervised
therapists, social workers, counselors and emergency medical teams on the psychological and physical interventions necessary in the trauma recovery process.

New Zealand

Bioenergetic Analysis Training Supervisor 1994-1995

Provided supervision for the local Bioenergetic Training Program. Supervised thirteen 2nd and 3rd year trainees in issues pertaining to somatic psychotherapy. Facilitated
individual and group psychotherapy sessions. Designed and taught workshops on the psychobiological effects of stress and trauma.

Western Samoa

Substance Abuse Counselor 1985-1986

Designed culturally sensitive substance abuse programs. Provided clinical counseling and staff support to Alcoholics Anonymous programs.


War Relief Service Provider 1980-1981

Provided social services for victims of war and political violence. Engaged in war relief social work efforts among military, civilian populations, women and abandoned children.

North Yemen

English Teacher 1979-1980

English teacher for grades 1-6 in a high security adolescent & residential school.


Youth Coordinator 1978-1979, 1982

Assisted in supervising and facilitating individual and group therapy programs for Egyptian teenage youth with histories of family violence, severe poverty, juvenile delinquency and domestic


Bahrain, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Northern Ireland, Chile, Bolivia 1999-2004

Trauma and Conflict Resolution Consultant

Developed and facilitated culturally sensitive trauma awareness and training workshops. Provided on-going training, educational and supervisory programs for local populations for the purpose of
developing trained trauma professional within the host countries.

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Professional Experience

Founder of Trauma Recovery Assessment & Prevention Services 2000-present

International Trauma Coach & Consultant

Provide specialized trauma recovery assistance to international organizations whose employees are living and working in trauma inducing environments. Design, organize & implement
comprehensive trauma recovery and stress management programs for International Relief Agencies, Government and Non-Government Organizations (NGO). Train and supervise senior staff on individual
and organizational trauma behaviors and a healthy recovery process. Supervised programs in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Israel, Kenya, Northern Ireland and Sudan.

Formation Consultation Services 1998-2000

Staff Psychotherapist

Provided clinical assessments of international clients as well as short-term counseling to in-house residents. Developed and implemented community organizational workshops in Ireland, Ethiopia,
Eritrea, Kenya and Sudan.

Maryknoll International Society 1976-1998

International Cross-Cultural Consultant

Promoted global relationships for the peaceful cohabitation of diverse cultures through large-scale and long-term intercultural projects and assistance programs. Designed intercultural training
programs that addressed barriers to effective cross-cultural management. Implemented training programs on diversity in a multicultural workplace.

Massage Therapist 1998-2005

Private Practitioner

Provided professional massage to a diverse clientele as a state certified massage therapist. Massage techniques included: Osteopathic Massage, Psychotherapeutic Massage, Neuromuscular Massage
and Swedish Massage.

Bioenergetic Therapist 1994-present

Private Practitioner

Provide a bioenergetic analytic approach to the psychotherapeutic process by combining psychotherapeutic insight with body sensitivity. Promote an integration of body, mind and spirit approach
to resolving psychosomatic patterns of distress.

Spiritual Director 1976-2001

Engaged in spiritual/religious dialogue and practices as well as provided spiritual direction within diverse cultural and religious contexts.


Templeton Prize Nominee: The Sir John Templeton Prize aims, in his words, to identify “entrepreneurs of the spirit”- outstanding individuals who have devoted their talents to
expanding our vision of human purpose and ultimate reality. The qualities sought in a Templeton Prize nominee include creativity and innovation, rigor and impact. "cleanuphtml-3">http://www.templetonprize.org/


Academy of Traumatology (AT)

American Board of Psychoneurology (ABP)

Association for Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP)

Beurin University (BU)

International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis (IIBA)

United States Association for Body Psychotherapy (USABP)


Arabic : Speak – fluently: Read – moderately: Write – with facility.

Italian: Speak – moderately: Read – easily: Write – moderately.

French: Speak – beginner: Read – easily: Write – moderately.


United States Air Force (USAF) Active Duty. 1972-1978

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