TRE תרגילים לשחרור לחץ,מתחים וטראומה - שיטה מהפכנית להרגיש טוב יותר (כתוביות בעברית)

“Una explicación de TRE: 7 minutos” click here for Spanish subtitles


Video Playlist recommended by Dr. David Berceli.  Download a PDF of Video Playlist Here.  Use the icon at the top left to scroll through the videos.



And below you will find links to several playlists of video testimonials documenting the usefulness of TRE in various domains of life.  Learn more about how TRE has led physically and mental growth for many.  Enjoy!

TRE® for Sleep, Stress and Relaxation

TRE® for Military, Vets and PTSD

TRE® for Doctors, Therapists and Emergency Workers

TRE® for Work Related Stress

TRE® for Yoga, Meditation and Pilates

TRE® for Affordable and Universal Healing

TRE® for Sports

TRE® in the Media