Art of TRE: Cultivating Curiosity with Darko Blagojević & Dr. David Berceli

Art of TRE: Cultivating Curiosity with Darko Blagojević & Dr. David Berceli

Art of TRE Series: Cultivating Curiosity

It’s an exciting time for TRE as it has grown and matured with Providers and Trainers from many countries contributing their knowledge and skills to this emerging field. That’s why Dr Berceli created the Art of TRE workshop series — to highlight the creative and unique ways TRE Providers are applying their gifts in the TRE sessions they lead.

In this session Darko and David Berceli will each lead one TRE session, demonstrating their particular style of leading and providing interventions. Each session will be followed with a discussion and question and answer period to illuminate key “take-a-ways” and inspire participants in developing their own particular style of teaching.

The theme of this next workshop will explore and demonstrate the use of curiosity in the TRE process.  Here’s how Darko Blagojević from Croatia describes his approach…

“Let’s Find Out… Together”

As a TRE provider I need to stay curious about my client’s process and help them do the same. To do this I have to help them to feel safe as you can’t be curious if you are afraid. It also requires that I move out of a position of authority and being ok with not knowing.

“When You Stop Feeling Curious, Pause”

TRE can be a process of joy and expansion instead of something to be endured. My clients are generally in need of safety, so that’s what I work with, not going for big releases. So I teach them when they are not feeling curious to pause. When you are curious again start back. Then you can build capacity, a container, and safety.

For curiosity is incompatible with fear. When you are afraid you cannot be curious and when you curious your fear diminishes. You are moving toward something you are interested in.


Saturday, May 20, 2023
9:00 – 11:30 am PST (Los Angeles time)


Live, online workshop format. The workshop will be recorded and available for workshop attendees to review for two weeks after the workshop.

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About Darko

Darko Blagojević has a master’s degree in psychology with a strong interest in the mind-body integration, and trauma healing. Darko got certified in TRE with the first generation of Providers in Croatia and have been teaching it since 2016. He is a supervisor for TRE Provider Trainees in Croatia and is currently in the certification process to become a TRE Trainer.

Darko also integrates EMDR therapy and AEQ method while working with clients. His approach incorporates body, brain, and mind into a holistic approach to healing various consequences of stress and trauma.

Alongside his private counseling practice, he currently works as a member of a three-person social services mobile team providing counseling and support for families with children exposed to risk of adverse experiences. His mission is to help people he works with become more connected, embodied, and grounded. His hope is to empower them to find and nourish a feeling of deep inner safety and peace.