Online Intro to TRE® for childhood & complex trauma (one-on-one sessions)

Online Intro to TRE® for childhood & complex trauma (one-on-one sessions)


January 11, 2024 - December 31, 2024    
All Day


Online Transformation Zoom Room
Waverly Dr., Los Angeles, CA, 90039

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Online TRE® for childhood & complex trauma (One-on-One sessions)

Hi. My name is Kathryn.  I am a Certified TRE® Provider and somatic trauma specialist, with advanced training in developmental trauma healing.  (I am also certified in Somatic Experiencing® and NARM® Healing Developmental Trauma).

One-on-one TRE® sessions teach clients how to gently and safely practice TRE®, so they feel confident to start an at-home practice.  For those who have already learned TRE®, I can help you move through stuck places and deepen into your practice.

The shaking is fairly easy to learn.  The more nuanced part is learning to track how one is feeling and the state of the nervous system while shaking.  When there is early childhood trauma or ruptures, the stakes are higher to keep the body braced, so we need to go slowly and work more consciously with that impulse to brace.  If you have been doing TRE for a while, and it hasn’t moved up the body, then I can help.  If when you’ve tried TRE, there is an uptick of fear or anxiousness, I can teach you how to practice in a way that feels safe.

The aim of these sessions is deep relaxation and calming of the nervous system.  As a bodyworker, I can also guide your session for specific pain-relief.

I sometimes integrate Sound Healing to enhance relaxation and softening.  And offer simple breathwork and meditation tools one can do at home.

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Practicing for over 25 years, I offer a unique and specialized integration of advanced bodywork and somatic trauma therapy.  I work with how the body and nervous system hold emotions, stress and trauma, and teach clients how to gently and safely let what is stuck move.