TRE® Online Global Certification Training Module 1 with Lizzie Hearne and Betsy Ross – [North Carolina-USA]

TRE® Online Global Certification Training Module 1 with Lizzie Hearne and Betsy Ross – [North Carolina-USA]


September 23, 2023 - September 24, 2023    
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


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TRE Provider Certification Training Series                                                                                 with Betsy Ross and Lizzie Hearne

Module 1 classes have an in person or online option. Modules 2 and 3 in person options willbe dependent on adequate number of participants.


*Please note there is a pre-session/Intro class prior to start of Module 1

Module 1:  *August 21st                   6pm -8pm 

                       August 26th &27th       10- 5pm (Option 1)   


Module 1:  *Septempber 18th                      6pm -8pm 

                      September 23rd & 24th                        10am- 5pm (Option 2)

Group Shake:  November 12th                     2pm – 4pm 

Module 2:  December 1st – 3rd          10am – 6pm

Module 3:  March 15th – 17th           10am – 6pm

*Modules must be taken in order

Whether you are joining us for Module 1 to learn TRE, to deepen your current practice, or plan to take the entire TRE certification program, welcome!  We want you to build a strong foundation in your own personal practice. Module 1 is all about YOU!

Both of us come from different backgrounds and education to bring our experiences into the TRE world.  We want to bring a well-rounded view and training program to our trainees. The number one aspect of learning in the TRE certification program is your own personal process, and from there developing the ability to teach clients from a place of safety and presence.  Our focus is working with diversified bodies and giving you the confidence to modify each exercise and the TRE process so everyBODY can do TRE.  We feel this is the heart of TRE- it’s for everyone!  All are able to access their own tremor, they just need the understanding and self-regulation to do so safely.  The goal of our program is to develop strong, confident, and nurturing providers.

Join us in discovering a deeper level of yourself, creating a social awareness, and developing the skills to help people dealing with trauma and stress in our chaotic world.

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