TRE® book in Slovenian (click on link for price)

TRE® book in Slovenian (click on link for price)

Vaje Za Sproscanje Stresa in Travme, Tre: Revolucionarna Nova Metoda Za Okrevanje Po Stresu in Travmi (Paperback)

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This book by Dr. David Berceli presents the reader with a revolutionary and highly effective way of recovering from stress, trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). David Berceli draws on his personal experiences of trauma and his extensive work with people in countries affected by war and natural disasters. Through his observations and understanding of the human neuro-anatomy, he developed a new body based approach for resolving the effects of stress and trauma. The information presented is insightful, challenging and practical and it offers the reader a way out of their world of stress and trauma. Chapter of the book includes photographs with practical instructions on how to perform TRE® exercises. The reader will gain a new understanding of the key role of their body in the process of recovery from stress and trauma.

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By (author) David Berceli, Illustrated by Vasja Koman, Translated by Sabina Gregorin

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Format: Paperback Number of pages: 98 Width: 178 mm Height: 254 mm Thickness: 5 mm Weight: 186 g