Honoring Grief and Loss: A Transformational Workshop of Acceptance and Healing through Yoga, Writing, Art, and Ritual

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Date(s) - October 27, 2019
3:45 pm - 6:30 pm




Event Notes

Honoring Grief and Loss: A Transformational Workshop of Acceptance and Healing through Yoga, Writing, Art, and Ritual
During this workshop we will have the opportunity to connect with ourselves and others in a supportive, healing environment in order to gain awareness and perspective on grief and loss in our lives. Through witnessing, honoring, and shining light on both our losses and the sadness that may follow and accumulate throughout our lives, we can gain freedom to heal and grow.

This will be a predominantly experiential workshop incorporating yoga, writing, art, and ritual with a brief educational introduction on the bigger picture of grief and loss. Loss for this workshop is broad in meaning and may include loss of loved ones, relationships, youth, health, or even loss related to life transitions or overwhelming world events, etc.


Through writing prompts we will reflect on how deeply loss/grief impacts us and can lead to unconscious limiting beliefs and suboptimal behaviors. We will use somatic based sequences and creative art to shed light on these shadow parts, release our stuck patterns and create more space to become our best selves.


Although this is not specifically a TRE/Neurogenic yoga blend workshop, those with experience  will have the opportunity to tremor/shake it off  in this workshop. 


This workshop is for you if:

  • You have unexplained depression, sadness, anger and/or anxiety are/is weighing you down.
  • You feel stuck or trapped in some area(s) of your life.
  • You have been feeling shame about not being able to “get over it.”
  • You have an inkling that moving through grief and loss can provide a new sense of freedom and growth in your life.

** This is a transformational workshop where all are feeling honored and welcomed. Although there will be some opportunity to participate and share with others, it is not group therapy or a support group. If you are feeling very raw and/or overwhelmed by recent loss/grief, and are unsure if this workshop is a good fit for you at this time, please email me at: alyraskin@gmail.com **

*Alyson Adashko Raskin, Ph.D. is a therapeutic life coach, certified yoga teacher, an advanced clinical hypnotherapist and school psychologist who helps individuals build body/mind strategies to manage stress, release trauma and feel more connected and alive. She specializes in Neurogenic Yoga (NY) and TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises). She has been leading healing body/mind focused programs for over 25 years. Her integrative approach draws upon training and studies in clinical, school and positive psychology; psychoanalytic psychotherapy; hypnotherapy; trauma-informed yoga, cardiac yoga, yoga for injury prevention; breath-work; bilingual/multicultural studies (she speaks Spanish) and nonviolent communication. She holds varied yoga certifications ranging from Kundalini to Ancient Ayurvedic to children’s yoga.


*I will be facilitating this workshop with  Jill Hellman, MA, MSW, LCSW.  Jill is a psychotherapist in private practice, an artist, and a recent breast cancer survivor. She is a specialist in grief and loss, and helps people build awareness and work toward healing current and past losses that often keep them stuck and unable to navigate life’s inevitable challenges and transitions. Her approach is an eclectic one combining relational, humanistic, and psychoanalytic psychotherapy with positive psychology. She believes connecting with creativity is a powerful way of connecting with ourselves to create meaning and move toward healing and transformation. She practices Qigong and has training in other forms of meditation and integrative healing that connect mind, body, and spirit.