TRE® Certification Training Program


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Certified TRE Provider. Incorporating TRE into your personal and professional life will open new possibilities!

Our certification program will prepare you to teach TRE safely, responsibly and professionally. Additionally, we require that our trainees experience the depth of personal healing, re-balancing and tension releasing that is possible through this somatic process.

TRE integrates well with traditional therapeutic modalities because it supports healing at the deepest levels of the neuro-physiology, where traumatic “fear” responses originate. Some individuals recovering from chronic stress, anxiety or trauma may have deep emotional and psychosomatic issues that need professional guidance.

Although I originally designed TRE as a self-help technique for large traumatized populations, it is becoming widely accepted as a somatic tool for mental health and health care professionals. In those cases, TRE should not be considered as a stand-alone method, but would be better included in a therapeutic session where the client can receive proper guidance along with those releases.

If you are seeking a somatic technique to enrich your healing practice, there are many unique qualities that would make TRE a good choice for you. If you are NOT a professional healthcare provider but you still want to learn how to share TRE with your family and community, the TRE certification process will give you the competency to do so.

The management of stress and the healing of trauma are challenging issues that face each of us daily. TRE offers a revolutionary approach and a teachable technique to aid each of us individually and as a larger community.
We look forward to your joining the TRE provider family!

David Berceli, Ph. D
Creator of TRE
Founder of TRE for All, Inc.

TRE for All, Inc. & Dr. Berceli hold the copyright and trademark on the TRE process.

Dr. Berceli oversees the development and the distribution of the Certification Training Program through a global network of skilled TRE Certification Trainers.


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