Teaching TRE® Online – Online Workshop for Certified TRE® Providers


Date(s) - May 8, 2021
9:00 am - 11:00 am



Event Notes


I am offering a dynamic, experiential course on online TRE®.

The workshop consists of TWO sessions of TWO hours a week apart

Part one : Saturday 8 May 9am to 11am 

Part two: Saturday 15 May 9am to 11am 

Time Zone is GMT+2 or SAST – convenient for all of Africa, Middle East and Europe. The Wednesday dates of 5pm to 8pm will be morning classes for US residents, please check your exact time zone against mine.

Part one is focused on presence, body language, facial expression, use of voice, teaching environment and technicalities. We will play with our voice and facial expression, looking at body language and observing prosody. There will be fun homework for you 🙂

Part two is focused on the use of self-interventions, variations of exercises, observation and communication skills. It is absolutely possible to create a safe space online but it is done in a different way than in-person.

Yes we will tremor too

Fees: EURO 25/USD 30 per 2h session

SA: R 400 per session and R 700 for both

EFT in South Africa

Euro/USDPaypal or EFT to an IBAN account

You may go to my website for more info:


Or register here. You will receive communication/invoice from me before you are required to pay.

International Signup


South Africa Colleagues signup please go here:

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