TRE Group Workshop – In-Person London (for those who\’ve attended at least one TRE session)


Date(s) - September 23, 2022
6:15 pm - 7:45 pm


One Space Hackney


Event Notes

Continue your journey of releasing stress and tension from your body in a completely natural way with TRE!

Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE) are an innovative sequence of movements and poses designed to activate a healing reflex mechanism in the body, called shaking or tremoring. These neuro-muscular tremors naturally and organically release stress, tension and trauma that is held in our body’s muscular tissue and fascia.

A group setting is a fun and social way of getting started on your journey with TRE. This workshop is aimed at those who have been to at least one TRE group or personal session (with any provider).  Info & booking here:

If you have never tried TRE consider attending a beginner workshop first:


This practical and interactive workshop includes:

– Checking in with where you are in your process

– A guided experience of the TRE process to continue your practice

– An intro to Polyvagal Theory

– Time for reflection, sharing and questions

– Follow-up resources

– Ongoing support

Feel free to get in touch with Chandani @statesofhealing with any questions you have: or @statesofhealing (instagram)